relationship advice

  1. E

    [INFJ] INFJ broke up with me [ENFP]. Please help!!

    My [ENFP] boyfriend [INFJ] broke up with me because I exhausted him. Should I do no contact or should I continue to show him I care and am willing to work things out? We dated for almost 2 years. I met him through mutual friends when he was visiting a city I was living in for a few days. I knew...
  2. R

    ENTP (Male) friend zoned after 1 date by INFJ (Female)

    OK INFJ's I know you can't read her mind or look in a crystal ball I just need some advice here. (BTW She claims to have tested INFJ and I know I tested ENTP) Fade to black or be patient? I met an INFJ through a mutual friend about a month ago. The friend said we would be like two peas in a...
  3. sapphiresky

    [INFJ] Should I cut this people off? Are they using us?

    Some people might judge and think that I am psychoanalyzing the crap out of these people, but some people might understand. Writing helps me find closure. Ok, so my husband has these "friends" that he met at his previous church. I met them in 2016 at our wedding. My husband thought it was a...
  4. OrangeLizzard

    I always feel like there's a secret I'm unaware of in social situations

    I don’t know why but I never feel comfortable when I leave my house and step foot into the “real world”. For some reason I just feel I’m leaving my real self at home and whenever I step out I’m more guarded and not authentic. Because of this belief that the real me is at home, I just feel fake...
  5. Vaguethinker

    What do I do about possible infidelity?

    For context I am 20 and still living with my family. I think my stepdad may have cheated on my mom and I’m not sure how to proceed. My mom has been gone on a trip for work the past three weeks. And a week later, one night my stepdad told me he was going out to the bar with a friend that I...
  6. josevi

    [INFJ] Trying to understand an INFJ post-breakup

    SORRY FOR THE LONG TEXT, BUT I HAD TO GIVE YOU AS MANY DETAILS AS I COULD! Hello, it has been around 2 weeks since me (ENTJ 23M) and my ex (INFJ 19F) broke up. She was the one who decided breakup. Basically the reason was that we started to detach from each other. At the beginning of February...
  7. CuriousB

    [INFJ] How to get others to understand infj complexities

    Hi fellow infjs I'm new here and I can't sleep and I have some qs lol As an infj (at least for me and from what I've read about the type) it seems many of us don't feel understood and the greatest thing to achieve in a romantic relationship (or even friends & family) is that understanding. For...
  8. Akanksha

    Dating ESFP and tips for small talk

    Hi guys! I hope you're all doing fine. Well I need some advice with how things are going on, guess in shitty at it with minimum experience. So I met this ESFP online and we had few conversation (which weren't inought for me to know someone) but he initiated to meet. Im trying to meet new...