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  1. aeon

    [PAX] DozenValues – Ideology Matcher Test

    DozenValues – Ideology Matcher Test Feel free to share, and invite others’ discussion of your results (if you wish), but please do not criticize or pick apart anyone else’s values and/or ideology without their consent. Cheers, Ian
  2. Reason

    Politicians: things they actually done did good

    Just a thread for those rare times when those loathsome creatures we call politicians actually do something right. AOC raised money for a food bank in Texas, good job Rep. Cortez!
  3. Pin

    Policy and Ideology

    How would you identify yourself ideologically? What policies and principles do you support? I would consider myself a Centrist by international standards in that I am not a Fascist or Communist. Let alone a Left-Libertarian or Right Libertarian. In the American sense, I sit very much in line...
  4. D

    Positive Depictions of Conservatism

    Hello all, I think we're living through some pretty rabid and divisive times, such that I think it might be a good idea to reflect upon the whole spectrum of views that actually resides within each of us, rather than resting within the false strictures of our respective appointed camps. So in...
  5. Rowan Tree

    INFJ Utopia

    William Morris (perhaps an INFJ himself) once wrote: 'The only safe way of reading a Utopia is to consider it the expression of the temperament of its author.’ Along those lines, what would an INFJ utopia look like? For me, it would deprioritise competition and status, acquisition for its own...
  6. Reason

    Political Thread: Hardcore difficulty

    Based on the rules articulated in the last few minutes of the above video this thread is a higher difficulty internet argument with the following rule Before you can make any response to any political opinion a forum member has posted here, you must rephrase and summerize thier post which you...
  7. brightmoon

    Political Typology Quiz

    Where Do You Fit in the Political Typology? The quiz is American in origin designed for an American audience, presented by the Pew Research Center http://www.people-press.org/quiz/political-typology/ I am a Solid Liberal - 15% of the US population
  8. Artisan

    All things russia

    Hey people, I thought It might be interesting to start a topic where smaller interesting Russia related articles could be linked. Personally I feel like there's a lot of bad mojo flying around these days and a lot of flaming going on towards them. As such I thought It would be nice to make a...