1. aeon

    ChatGPT describes the ENFP type in the style of Dr. Seuss

    “Oh, the ENFP, what a wondrous type! Full of life and energy, always up for a hike. They’re enthusiastic, creative, and quick on their feet, With a heart full of love that can’t be beat! They’re curious and insightful, with an eye for what’s new, And they’ll follow their dreams, no matter how...
  2. Mailin

    [INFJ] Need advice (enfp)

    Hi, I have been learning about mbti and their functions as I am an INFJ and always had many many questions about life which ive been answering thanks to functions to understand myself better. Of course its a forever journey but it helps me out to narrow down information and to keep my emotions...
  3. W

    Confused about enfp!

    Hi guys! Im very new to all this so apologies if im doing this incorrectly. However, i am in somewhat desperate need for advice. I met an enfp friend a year ago, we pretty much spoke all the time and were inseperable. This insane closeness lasted around 5-6 months, although we'd known each...
  4. C

    [ENFP] I have feelings for my unavailable new INFJ friend, help me

    ENFP here. I met an INFJ 2 months ago (we work together). We got on like a house on fire from the second we met, we talk about everything - philosophy, psychology, history, music, travel, MBTI lol... We share the same crazy opinions and theories about the world and other people. Things that...
  5. btg3ar

    HELP! INFJ/ENFP lesbian twin flames

    Have you ever met your twin flame, encountered someone or stories of someone that had? I locked eyes with mine & am too comatose in thought to explain much. mid 30's lesbian INFJ here & mid 40's closeted, religious ENFP somewhere far away, yet near. When our eyes locked, our souls united...
  6. pememily

    [INFJ] Quieting Your Mind

    Hello, I'm an INFJ in college and I have been dating a wonderful ENFP for a little over a month now. Everything is going great, but one thing that bothers me is the fact that I can't seem to quiet my mind enough for me to just enjoy the physical parts of my relationship. I'm always thinking...
  7. S

    HELP! ENFP trying to read an INFJ

    So, there is a lot to my current situation. Please hang in there with me. :) I am in my mid 30's and just moved overseas this summer to start a new job. I am at a weird place in life where I am (maybe?) coming to terms with my sexuality. I have been religious most of my life, which might be...
  8. N

    [INFJ] INFJ-ESFP-ENFP love triangle

    Recently got stuck in a love triangle with my female ENFP best friend and ESFP boyfriend. The 3 of us were close friends before I found out they'd been 'seeing' each other behind my back and obviously I've cut them out. I felt a very strong connection with them both; particularly my ENFP...