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Zombie Road Signs Attack Austin!

take a loook...
you can do it too!!! lol

oor make it say anything else you want.. lol

(if you do it, i wanna see!)

This comes from I-Hacked...its how to change the text on those portable road signs. Even if there is a password. ;)

lmaoo, i cant believe someone actually did it!! hha
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That is awesome. And I'm not prepared if it happens, I still need:

An underground concrete/steel reinforced fort
A huge arsenal that involves numerous machine guns, grenades, rocket launchers, etc
A customized tank (a few of these would be nice)
A huge supply of food and water to nourish our underground community
Medical Supplies
A team of experts and professionals including a medical doctor, weapons expert, biologist, engineers, some computer geeks, and a small army of my friends and family.

I'm probably forgetting a few things, but so far I have acquired a...

baseball bat

I have a ways to go (dear God, please no zombie attacks until I at least get the fort, tanks, and arsenal).

LOL That was hilarious! Thanks TLM!
Heee! :D

That's why Austin's slogan is, "Keep Austin Weird."

Yup, yup!

For the inevitable Mutant Horde of Zombies Attack, one must be prepared.

First, make sure you know everything there is to know about Zombies and what to do when they attack by being part of the Zombie Survival & Defense Wiki.
Invaluble info on their habits, haunts, fashion statements, eating habits, and un-lifestyle.

Second, make friends with someone who knows how to kick Zombie-butt and can use them fancy sharp knives...


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I want a zombie bunker, even though I don't think zombies are possible - just to keep anoying living away.
It'd be awesome to put one "Zombie's Ahead" sign going into a city, and "Zombie's Behind You!" leaving the city. :lol:

On a slightly more problematic note, there's 2 of those signs nearby where I live... SO TEMPTED!

EDIT: BlackSwan - A baseball bat is all you really need to defeat zombies. ;) Ever play EarthBound?
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