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would you sacrifice your life for a stranger?

I don't think that there would be enough time for me to compile a reasonable decision, so what I would do would depend on the impulse of the moment.

When I'm thinking about it know, I think that I probably wouldn't jump to save some stranger, but I also think that regarding this kind of things we don't know what we would do until we are really in that situation.
Probably not but if I thought there was a slight chance that I would get out of it alive then possibly.
If I had enough time to save the person and chose not to, I would feel as if I were the one doing the killing. I would feel very, very selfish.

To be completely honest, though, I would want to save the person, but I freak out so much in situations like that, that it would probably take me too long to react. Therefore, the most you would get out of me would be a very strong emotional reaction too little too late.
This might sound a bit strange, but I have often fantasized about sacrificing my life at the expense of saving others, yes even if I don't know them closely. For example, a recent thought came to me about a possible school shooting and that I would be in charge of holding the person with the gun as much as possible so everyone could escape, or that if he had to pick a random person in the room to kill it will be me. To be honest, I do not know if I would have the guts to end my whole life in such said situation, as well their can be many things crossing through my mind at the moment. Right now my F is telling me that yes, I would sacrifice myself for the person as I value others above me, but given that specific moment,my instinct for survival might react differently.
I have no idea. I'll tell you when I do it...well actually...if you guys ever stop hearing from me, assume that I did this.
I could not answer this question unless I was actually in this situation, because I don't think I can project myself enough to predict what I would do. I could see myself doing nothing, but at the same time helping.

Generally, I am unwilling to sacrifice my own life for another. It sounds selfish but I can not deny that. It is not because I feel more important, it is just one thing I am not willing to give for anything.

Ideally what I would want to do is try to save him or her without causing harm to either of us. Transferring all my momentum by slamming into them is a bad idea. If it is a truck, maybe run to them and have both of us lay flat down on the road and have the truck run over us without making contact.

I don't like dead end scenarios like this, there is always a better way.
I probably wouldn't.

Reason one: I freeze in emergency situations, so I'd probably see it all happening, but not be able to move until it was too late.

Reason two: My philosophy is to assume everyone is of equal value. If I hold to this philosophy, there is no reason to believe the other is of greater value to society than I am.
I think I would be just as likely to do this for a close friend or family member as a stranger. Of course it's impossible to say how I would react in the moment. In this hypothetical situation where I would be completely certain that I would die, no. In real life I might think that I could save both of us, however an adult would possibly be able to jump out of the way if I yelled at them, and that would most likely be my first reaction. If it was a child who was not capable of this I would feel a strong need to protect them, when dealing with children I often forget about my own well being. In the end I doubt I would react fast enough anyways.
It's rather difficult situation, but probably I would try to save him.

BTW we can write here that we would try to save him, but you can not know what kind of situation would occur, because there can be some unpredicted obstacles, like other people trying to stop you, from trying to save his life for exchange for yours, and similar things, that's why it's difficult to say it.

P.S Sorry for my English. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.
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I have no way to evaluate that person's character to determine whether or not their life is more important to the world than my own. They may be the next messiah, but they may also be a worthless piece of shit. I could actually be making the world a worse place if I save their life at the expense of my own.