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which emotions do you find uncomfortable expressing?

I don't have a problem showing love to my family; I just have a hard time saying the words. I don't like crying in front of them or anyone else, tho I have done it maybe about 2x in front of my family.
I hate showing anger in front of anyone ^^" I just feel stupid afterwards if I do. I don't like crying in front of my friends but not so bad around my family. XD
Extreme sadness and crying....I will cry but usually alone.. And I do have a hard time telling my Dad I love him and my Mother. It makes me want to cry just saying it to them. I can feel this deep emotion welling up inside and it makes my throat hurt to the point I cant speak...

Efromm I do exactly the same thing! Anytime I try to tell someone I care about them say anything nice about them I get the urge to cry as soon as i start saying the words. I cry at weird times and avoid saying things just because i know they'll make me cry. I think this keeps me at a distance from most people (not including my BF) because I don't want to look vulnerable in that way. I also usually don't stand up for myself in conflict situations because I'm afraid that I will end up crying.

The funny thing is that expressing those words that make me cry are also the words that I enjoy expressing the most. It feels so good yet so scary. I'm working on facing my fears of vulnerability so that I can enjoy expressing my feelings freely, and maybe even standing up for myself once in a while.
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which emotions do you find uncomfortable expressing?

Defeat. I don't know if that counts as an emotion but I can't tolerate the idea of losing.
I have trouble expressing love for anyone and happiness or pride in my achievements.
To cry.

Have only cried for 3 times in the past 15 years as far as I can recall.
I have trouble expressing sympathy or empathy. While I will feel it quite alot and understand it. I have a hard time conveying it to others. I get concerned that it isn't to come across as sincere or real.

I value sincerity so very, very much (more than a whole lot of things) and I find it way too hard to express sympathy or empathy. I can feel it wrenching my insides and pummeling my heartstrings, but I get all stiff and awkward when it comes time to express that. Then I just come off as cold and indifferent.

The same goes for showing affection. Just general affection (not deep affection...I have no problem with that). I don't understand how girls can be all hug-y and "I love you, girl!" all the time. Whenever my female friends go this route with me I get exceedingly, exceedingly uncomfortable. So much that I often just shut down and become a robot. I know I have that love for them, but I would feel so very insincere expressing it in that way.

So I try to live by this quotation in order to counteract how cold I must seem in those instances:

Do not be content with showing friendship in words alone. Let your heart burn with loving-kindess for all who may cross your path.

As for other emotions? No problem whatsoever (but only around the right people...otherwise I'm "cold on the outside, warm on the inside") :D
It's rare that I express my inner feelings to anyone. I don't have trouble putting it down on paper/on screen, but I'll mostly keep that private slice of my life to myself (or burn/delete it after I finish writing it, whichever applies). I'm just so accustomed to being the rock, the confidant, the advisor, that I'd feel weird turning around and telling those same friends that I'd counseled for months about my life issues. It's like the therapist saying: "hold on, I want to talk about me for a change."

...I guess it's just that as soon as I put those emotions out there, they become 'live' and 'real' whereas when I keep them to myself, they're in some sort of state of limbo where I can still rationalize them, and maybe even diminish their intensity. I counsel myself. I know myself best, and frankly, as egotistical and self-absorbed as it sounds, I don't think there's anyone out there that can give better advice than me.

This is exactly how I feel.

I have problems expressing any deep seeded emotions to anyone. I've never told any family member that I love them unless I was forced to. Friends have said they love me and get upset when I don't say it in return. When I do say it, it feels awkward and strange. It's not that I don't love them it's just that...eh, I dunno.

I have an especially hard time expressing sadness and anger to others. I keep those feelings bottled up. When I was a little kid, my family acted like dicks and often mocked me when I started crying so I learned to keep it to myself. Well, I guess their not completely bottled up because I'll express them in the privacy of my journal or by crying when I'm alone. I cry a lot, actually. Probably because I get overwhelmed by my feelings.

The first time I cried in front of a friend was this year. I was having a craptastic day and was still upset about my girlfriend breaking up with me. She was explaining to me how it wasn't a good idea to ask my ex out to prom when all of I sudden I started bawling. For those few minutes, I cried my eyes out but quickly got a hold of myself. I DID NOT like loosing control over my emotions and felt bad for my friend who had to see me like that. If Also, if I lose control, I feel like I'll have to explain myself to the other. I've learned that I am incapable of coherently explaining my feelings to others unless I write it down.

Because I cannot properly express why I'm feeling such a way, some friends believe that my feelings are unfounded which I assure you, they are not. So at the end of the day, I don't bother with trying to explain myself to others. I try to work it out on my own and not bother people because I'll probably just come off as whiny.
I have trouble expressing distaste for other people or their actions.. I guess its because i don't want to hurt them maby. I smile and talk to people who are obnoxious evil bastards and I don't know why. Also if a friend or family member does somthing i don't like I have trouble expressing it as well.
For whatever reason, sympathy is difficult for me to express. I'm more of a tough-love girl. But I guess I could come off as kinda callous sometimes..I'd like to be a softer and warmer person outwardly.
Most of them?