What's your House positions in your horoscope?


hey a question to INJFs whats ur House positions in your horoscope?

Moon in Pisces- true empthy, peacemaker, sensative
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Yay astrology! :D

General stuff:

Sun: Taurus
Moon: Scorpio
Rising: Libra

Natal Chart:

Interesting chart, IndigoSensor...

What immediately sticks out is the Yods formed by Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto, Saturn/Venus/Pluto, Neptune/Jupiter/Pluto, and Neptune/Venus/Pluto. These Yods form a combined Yod of Saturn&Neptune/Jupiter&Venus/Pluto. (follow the green dotted lines)

There is a vast amount of underlying tension there primarily between change/transformation in how you present yourself and interact with the world, your projected persona (Pluto/Scorpio/1st H.) and the confusing/unclear (Neptune) structure/discipline/limitations (Saturn) of your everyday familiar environments which you find limiting and possibly too structured and conservative (Capricorn/3rd).

The crux of Jupiter&Venus in Gemini in the 8th House indicates that this Pluto/Saturn tension is beneficial (Jupiter) in that it promotes growth (Jupiter) by any casual relationships (Gemini/8th) you encounter. These casual relationships have a deeper underlying potential (8th) and meaning though, and this is what is beneficial and truly promotes the growth.

The depth of this is that you are always subtlely altering your projected persona for whomever you interact with in those environment you are familiar with, be it home, school or recreational places you prefer. Your Libra Ascendant shows that you utilise these combined Yods in order to be what the other wishes to see so as not to promote conflict or to mediate conflict if it arises. Libra also defines itself by the quality of the relationships it seeks.

You are also very perceptive of others motives, possibly even 'psychic', indicated by the almost exact inconjunct (150 deg.) between Mercury/Gemini/8th and Uranus/Capricorn/3rd (...no jokes, please) (...I've heard them all :D), and your Scorpio Moon, but I'll get to the Moon later.
This Mercury/Uranus aspect is augmented by the almost perfect opposition to Uranus by Chiron/Cancer/9th (the symbol at the top which looks like the letter 'K' with a circle on the bottom), and Chiron's 30 degree aspect to Mercury.
Others do not know of this aspect of you, as there is no major direct link to your Ascendant, so it doesn't show. You yourself may not be entirely aware of this.

Chiron denotes healing and teaching, but being as it is in the 9th house, higher forms of teaching such as university or spiritual are more likely, though more likely, being as Chiron is in Cancer, the sign of 'nurturing and belonging to', I would lean more to spiritual forms of healing ranging from empirical forms such as psychology to more esoteric forms such as Reiki.

Your ego-drive/will (Mars) is in Cancer/9th as well, which indicates that this is the direction you would seem to favour, but its opposition to Neptune/Saturn denotes that your present familiar environments and people within them restrict/limit (Saturn) this drive (Mars) as well as confuse it (Neptune), or at the least, give you no clear indication or support, though these people may be spiritual/artistic (Neptune) themselves. Saturn here is stronger than Neptune because Saturn rules Capricorn and the energy denoted by Neptune, which is intangible and 'otherworldly' (...visualise fog) is not compatible with the environment indicated by Capricorn, which is stable, tangible, and structured.

The 'real you', your Self (Sun) has a close semi-square (45 deg.) to Mars and 135 deg. to Saturn/Neptune which indicates tense conflict between your need to follow your ego-drive and the tension of the limiting factors on you by your environment. No one sees the real you, as you tend to hide it (8th House), but deep down, you as a Taurus have a sound idea of who you are and what you need.

I left the Scorpio Moon until last. The Moon denotes your emotional reactions, the need to belong, and the act of nurturing. There is 31 deg. between your Moon and Ascendant, so your emotions will show indirectly to others, but being a Scorpio Moon, it does not show all of itself all of the time. A Scorpio Moon is good at emotional mainpulation and if hurt, will close itself off, find a quiet safe corner and plot emotional revenge.
But a Scorpio Moon is also excellent at healing others, for it feels deeply, nurtures deeply, and can discover hidden emotional disurbances in others. It can empathize, but in a detached way. It always looks for depth of emotion, not the superficial.

Anyhow, there is definitely much more here, as there is in any chart, but this is just what 'jumped out' at me and is brief, at best.
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Do it. I only look at them briefly and if it gives some insight to someone, so much the better.
Give me a while. I have to add something to what I said about IndigoSensor's chart first.
Oh wow, I didn't expect someone to read my chart, I just posted it to share with others of what they are (as an example). Thank you tons EB! I have had my chart read before by others (and of course have read it myself, but there is only so far you can go on reading your own chart, haha), but you deffinitely added some new stuff there too (particulary more details about my yods). I know a good ammount about astrology and reading charts as well, but no where near up to the caliber that you are up at! You hit everything right on the head though, completly :) Again, I really thankyou for all of that!
You are welcome. It was my pleasure.

[edit]Also, since you know Astrology, I would enjoy very much any discussions we could have on the subject.
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What I see immediately in your chart is Sun/Leo/11th Trine (120 deg.) Moon/Sag/3rd. You are definitely an idealist, want everyone to be noble and good, and are disappointed when events and people do not match up to your high standards. You are independent, concerned with important things in life, are generally optimistic, and want to make friends and discuss what is important to you with them, an exchange of ideas on a grand level.
Discussing emotions is not difficult for you, either. You make most of your decisions on how you feel, but these emotions change rapidly. You do not want to be 'tied down' emotionally (Moon/Sag) and are looking for that 'ideal mate', someone who is nurturing and stable and will give emotional support, but yet freedom-loving, optimistic and an explorer like yourself, though not so much physically, rather an explorer of the mind, the psyche, the emotions, and possibly the spiritual aspects of life.

Your Virgo Ascendant projects a reserved and quiet persona toward the world, though it has connections to planets which augment this. The closest is Saturn/Libra/2cd at a little over one degree from the Ascendant which adds an element of tangible aesthetics. You are concerned about your appearance, not to 'look good' or for show or attraction, rather that how you look is aesthetically pleasing and balanced concerning colour and form. I would say that there is not much ostentatious, exuberant or outlandish about your appearance except for a bit of Leonine flair.

Next would be Mercury/Leo/11th at almost 33 deg. You like to talk about what is important to you with your friends and you are serious and reserved about how you speak, choosing your words carefully so as not to cause conflict, yet getting your point across. You also enjoy being with friends, though you project this persona of quiet reserve which others may interpret as some shyness. This is to protect your ever-moving emotions which are running like wild horses and leaping over fences. In times of intense discussion, this may seep through.

Last is Venus/Cancer/10th at just under 64 deg. (a Sextile) and a harmonious aspect. By harmonious, I mean that your Virgo Ascendant is comfortable and works well with the energy of Venus/Cancer. With this, you enjoy being close to people, are affectionate, supportive, and faithful. On the flip side, you can be insecure and jealous. But more than this, this combination can indicate any number of careers in areas which provide care-giving, nurturing, and assistance to others which can be anywhere from nursing and alternative medicine to psychology and counseling, for this combination includes an element of compassion.

So, on to the more esoteric stuff. :D

What is not shown in your chart, though the aspects are in the table at the bottom left, are the aspects to Chiron/Taurus/9th, which is the symbol at the top of your chart which looks like a key with a circle on the bottom. Chiron denotes healing and teaching, but moreso, compassion. Compassion means 'suffering with'. Chiron is in Taurus which denotes tangibility to the aspects of Chiron, in other words, tangible healing/teaching/compassion. Chiron is in the 9th House whose attributes are spirituality, exploration of all kinds, higher education, and that which is unfamiliar.

There are six planets connected to Chiron, your Sun, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Your North Node (the symbol next to Venus which looks like an upside-down horseshoe) is also connected. It would take far too long to go into detail about the pattern which is constructed by all these points, so I will summarize my intuition on this and you can explore further if you wish.

The Sun is who you are, Venus I have already spoken of, Mars is your ego-drive (your will to act), Uranus denotes freedom/originality/sudden inspiration, Neptune denotes mystical/spiritual attributes as well as illusion and confusion, Pluto denotes deep transformation as in death/rebirth of something.

Because of the exact Semi-square (45 deg) of Venus/Chiron, the almost exact Qunicunx (150 deg) of Mars/Chiron, and the Quintiles (72 deg) of Sun/Chiron and Chiron/Descendant(DC on your chart), I am surmising that there is a drive to explore and learn higher or spiritual healing methods which would be tangible and have tangible results.
Add the weaker two Yods (triangle of Neptune 150* Chiron 150* Pluto 60* back to Neptune) + (triangle of Neptune 150* Chiron 150* Mars 60* back to Neptune) to this and you get spiritual transformation in tangible healing/teaching.
Finally, with the Opposition (180 deg) from Uranus to Chiron and you can add sudden intuitions to the mix.

You can see how complicated this is, so if this interests you, I would suggest finding an astrologer in your area which you can trust and explore this further. It would be unprofessional of me to go much further than this on a Forum. You should speak with an astrologer in person.
You are welcome. It was my pleasure.

[edit]Also, since you know Astrology, I would enjoy very much any discussions we could have on the subject.

Ditto to EB and Indigo, don't leave me out! :m1:

I must find my chart, I know I have it packed away somewhere... I guess I can manually recreate one, but the first time I tried to do it took forever.
(Oh, and discussion on Tarot and Numerology, if either of you are interested). :D
Black Swan...

Go here: http://www.astro.com/horoscopes/ahor.asp
Choose: Extended Chart Selection (last choice)
Fill in birth data.
On the page with the Methods, Options, etc., change nothing, just select the blue button: "click here to show the chart".
For just the chart, hover over chart and click on it, then save image to your computer.
Planetary positions planet sign degree
motion Sun Aries 23°09'53 in house 11 direct Moon Aries 7°16'17 in house 11 direct Mercury Aries 25°18'37 in house 11 retrograde Venus Gemini 0°42'08 in house 12 direct Mars Cancer 5°40'32 in house 1 direct Jupiter Leo 3°51'31 in house 3 direct Saturn Aquarius 5°56'08 in house 9 direct Uranus Capricorn 13°48'22 in house 8 stationary (R) Neptune Capricorn 16°45'26 in house 8 direct Pluto Scorpio 19°41'59 in house 6 retrograde True Node Capricorn 23°36'56 in house 8 retrograde
House positions (Placidus) Ascendant Gemini 19°21'34 2nd House Cancer 10°51'01 3rd House Leo 1°52'57 Imum Coeli Leo 26°20'35 5th House Virgo 28°15'02 6th House Scorpio 8°54'03 Descendant Sagittarius 19°21'34 8th House Capricorn 10°51'01 9th House Aquarius 1°52'57 Medium Coeli Aquarius 26°20'35 11th House Pisces 28°15'02 12th House Taurus 8°54'03
Major aspects Sun Conjunction Mercury 2°09 Sun Square Neptune 6°24 Sun Sextile Ascendant 3°48 Moon Sextile Venus 6°34 Moon Square Mars 1°36 Moon Trine Jupiter 3°25 Moon Sextile Saturn 1°20 Moon Square Uranus 6°32 Mercury Sextile Ascendant 5°57 Venus Sextile Jupiter 3°09 Venus Trine Saturn 5°14 Mars Quincunx Saturn 0°16 Jupiter Opposition Saturn 2°05 Uranus Conjunction Neptune 2°57 Uranus Sextile Pluto 5°54 Neptune Sextile Pluto 2°57 Neptune Quincunx Ascendant 2°36 Pluto Quincunx Ascendant 0°20 Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).

Also, Indigo, how do you get that chart??? want...

Edit, wow that's formatting gone bad!!
Got it it Indigo
its attached, I decided to edit out some personal info


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My old natal chart looks different though...same birth date, time, and location. *shrugs*
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Wants to play...:D


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Black Swan, VindurNótt, arbygil...
I have a couple of others to do as well, but I'll get to yours in the order you asked. I'm just doing a look at what jumps out at my intuition. If what I say interest you, you should find a good astrologer in your area.
(Oh, and discussion on Tarot and Numerology, if either of you are interested). :D
I engage in both those types of divination. I professionally read Tarot. I do Astrology as well, but I prefer the Tarot as it is much more intuitive. Which decks do you have?

[EDIT] Black Swan, VindurNótt...
Your charts expired before I could get them.
Use the instructions on my post above, copy the chart image to your computer, then upload it as an attachment to the Forum.
I'll copy it from here.
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