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What do you do when you are scared?


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May 11, 2008
I'm just curious if different types react differently.
It depends on what I'm scared of.

But if I had to pull an answer out of my ass, I usually just avoid it or weasel out of it if I can.

If I can't I deal with it.
I try to rationalise it and convince myself that either there's nothing to be scared of or there's nothing I can do by feeling scared.

I actually love the feeling of fear and adrenaline pumping through my body (as long as I’m not about to die) and get a sick kinda rush from it :mrgreen:

That said I don't do really scary movies.
Now that I think about it, I think my initial reaction to fear is to freeze. To freeze and to demand silence in my mind. I guess I go into sensor mode. Fear tells me that there is no time for mucking around so I go into full alert. Fear can definitely wake a person up!
When I get a shock of fear or a surprise attack I see myself reacting much like the guy in the picture thread with the tennis ball heading straight for him!
That always depends on the stimulus and if anyone else is there. At work? Compartmentalize and deal with it-patients' needs come first. Me and others afraid together? I'm the strongest link-again, others tend to come first. Me afraid by myself, or the only one? Total mental freeze-down. There's no one else to distract me from myself . .
For scolionophobia, I occasionally chuck a sickie because "my head always feels heavy."

If I've been reading harry potter up late, I'll roll into a tight kebab and pull my doona up to just below my nostrils. :) I'm compelled to remain immobile in the dark if I've read a scary part.

When being put on the spot and forced to improvise; I automatically freeze, and from the dread I am able to flee, I will indeed flee.
Get anxious and all the physical symptoms associated with it but try to ride it out. If I'm reeeeeaaaally scared I withdraw and hide.
I suffer from anxiety a lot when it comes to interaction with people. I stand at a side-way stance ready to retreat. Normally for fear I try to place logic in, but my emotions normally rule when it comes to people. I may be impressing the person I am talking to because I am getting a good read on their emotions, but I am still deeply afraid of them. I'm great at socializing, but I guess that is why I am introverted.
Anxiety and panic here too....usually ready to retreat if im already there or just avoid a scary situation at all costs...
I seem to be able to forget about it and plow straight ahead, but I confess I have a highly under-developed sense of self-preservation. At the moment (at least in the situations I've been in), it seems fear is pretty useless. Honestly I'm not in scary situations very often....I've had to hang out of a few helicopters at altitude, film in third world prisons, and I still interact w/ homeless folks now and again, that's about it. Oh, and I did have to climb down and help a lady out of a car that had gone over a ravine....nothing like facing a gun or going out on a date or anything like that.
Depends on the situation. I think in some way... I try and fight back if I can. eg. If I'm alone at night, hubby on a trip, I leave the tv on for company. ;)
Last time I was scared was when I was spearfishing in the summer. The water was very murky so I headed out deeper over the kelpy reef but the visibility was just too poor so I headed back into the shallows over the kelp as I got close to shore I saw movement out of the corner of my eye "aha! a fish!" I thought, I swung the speargun towards the movement only to see it was a rather large stingray heading straight towards me, the water was fairly shallow so their was very little space for us to share, I thought about Steve Irwin as it passed by close to my chest, I stayed calm and slowly backed away to try and give it more space, the tail seemed to go on forever as it cruised past. Then I got the hell out of there and didn't go back in. The end.
What a great topic. I think... I run. At least... there are not very many things that can happen that scare me... but the last thing that did was when I walked to a grocery store about a mile away from my house in bare feet, and a thunder storm started up. At first I was doing the Lurker thing, "ok... it's just raining hard... I love the rain, there's nothing to be worried about... all the thunder is distant"... and then a bolt struck what must have been less than a quarter mile away... perhaps even 1/10th. The flash and bang were so loud I literally jumped, and just ran home as fast as I could.

It kind of works when people yell loudly at me too... I'm not easily intimidated, but sudden loud noises really freak me out (I think leftover from the parents when I was little), and I "flinch" into apologizing about whatever it is they're yelling at me for to make it stop. Any other fears are mostly about different situations of dealing with people, and I just tend to avoid those as much as possible.

So mostly cowardice, I suppose :oops: