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What Are Your Rules?


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Apr 5, 2010
Well, I had meself a sit down the other day and I was thinking. I mean, I spend a lot of time thinking but this was a particularly think-ish type of morning. The birds were chirping and the coffee tasted just right even though I wasn't drinking any. I just know, had I been at that moment imbibing coffee...it would have been great.

I was thinking that life for an INFJ is fairly unusual. We attract strange characters and tend to listen to the beat of the universe that plenty of people miss or can't be bothered to hear. Being intuitive can only help a person so far and beyond that I need a way of making decisions. So, I came up with some rules. I mean, they're rules I've picked up over time but I finally codified them in a way that makes sense.

I'm going to post mine and I want to hear yours.

What Are Your Rules For Living?

1.Life Is Once. You Don't Get A Refund If You Fuck It Up.

2.Don't Stick Your Dick In Crazy (or vice versa)

3.Loved Ones Come First.

4.If You're Certain, You're Already Wrong.

5.If At Any Point The Job Makes You Want To Kill Yourself, Quit That Instant.

6.You're Just A Human Being.

7.Give Until It Hurts. Don't Give Until It Requires Major Surgery To Repair.

8.There Is A Statutory Limit On Your Brain Damage.

9.Family And Blood Are Two Different Things. Don't Get Them Confused.

10.Don't Believe Everything You Think.
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My list of internal rules is really extensive, but I am not sure I could get them all down on paper. For one, some of them are really small and situational based, so it might be hard to explain. Others, I won't remember them until I have to use the rule right in front of me. Nevertheless I will try:

+ Be early for everything
+ If late, don't go or change plans
+ Do not speak until thought is complete
+ Always say plesentries
+ Do not make observations visable to anyone
+ Wake up exactly 45 minutes before class
+ Have a well ordered schedule
+ Check all online activities throughout the day
+ Process all thoughts and emotions (this would take a LONG time to explain and has hundreds of little rules tied to it)
+ Treat others the way you want to be treated (this is probablly my biggest ones, if not the biggest)
+ Conduct ones self exactly in public (again this one also has hundereds of little rules tied to it that I really can't explain).
+ Do not become infatuated
+ Supress all negative emotions towards another
+ Make all attempts to see through the eyes of another
+ Process again, and again, and again
+ Do not seek unnesscarry attention
+ Do not act passive agressive ever
+ Do not feed into others, or friends negative attention seeking
+ Explain anything that warrents explaining
+ Attempt to hault negative behavior in others if it is seen as possible

I think I ran out of steam for now

Just note, I missed MANY things. it would be impossible for me to get it all down, even all of the major ones.
*Just because I believe it's the right way, doesn't mean it's right for anyone else
*Get up early, go to bed late, make the most of each day
*Be inspired
*Always have fun
*Fall in love with something at least one a day
*Fall out of love, and accept it
*The people closest come before you (aka: me)
*Give what you can, ask for nothing but support/love (unless absolutely necessary)
*Live in the moment when ever possible
*Embrace negative emotions, purge through writing
*Constantly forgive, especially yourself
*You are the sum of your experiences, but you're always in control of how you react
*Follow your whims
*Most importantly, make a positive difference every day
  • Be realistic
  • Prepare for the worst, hope for the best
  • Ask questions
  • Doubt everything and research about it
  • Control emotions and study them
  • Forget the past and don't dwell into the future too much
  • There's a 99.999999% that I will still be alive tomorrow, don't neglect the .0000001% that I won't
  • Plant fruitful actions and you should get fruitful results
  • Mean what you say, say what you mean
  • Be direct
  • Ask myself: is it true?is it useful? is it helpful?
  • Forgive
  • Do
-Get there early
-Don't expect too much
-Don't outright argue unless it's unavoidable (talk it through calmly)
-Stop spending money (I break this a lot)
-Write 1,000 words a day
-Aspire to be better
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> death happens
> life is too short to live under a lie
> don't settle for a weak understanding when you can do better
> although you may sometimes fail, don't ultimately fail
> if its been overcome in the past, it can be overcome
> people: be there when they truly need you
> when in doubt: trust returns loyalty
> don't settle for the comfortable
> sort out your mind and your thoughts
> wisdom and humility: keep an eye on these guys, seriously
* Get what must be done (duties/chores) out of the way quickly.
* Enjoy your free time (difficult to acheive at times).

* If you're going to do something you will regret later, don't do it.
* If you're going to avoid/neglect doing something you will regret later, do it.

* Never do something kind expecting anything in return - if you get a good return, that's a bonus.
* If you do something personally costly (emotionally) don't start resenting or regretting it later on.

* Consciously make an effort to notice and admire what is beautiful.
* Take nothing for granted.
What Are Your Rules For Living?

“Tend to listen to the beat of the Universe”. I like that statement. Yes - I’d agree with you there for I do tune in to all that is around me however far flung that may be.

I don’t know if these are rules for how I live - or just how I live:

I always think of the consequences of my actions before acting.

Determined to be more present in the now, I practice mindfulness.

Each of us bear our own pain and have a path to walk. I try not to judge others and self.

Acceptance is the key - but very hard to practice.

When I’m upset or disturbed I try to find the lesson I’m supposed to learn.

Be curious.
To thine own self be true.....

not my only rule, but at the front somewhere
I have very few rules I can think of.

  • Always practice patience and tolerance.
  • Pick your battles.
  • Try not to let every emotion show on your face.
  • Practice self-control & self-discipline.
  • Brush your teeth.
good stuff all...

I love it!

Make the effort to be centered as much of the time that you can
Be free to forgive, as you need forgiveness from time to time
Strive to love unconditionally
Do, think, and feel things that re-enforce a positive self-image
and make you feel good
Strive, strive, strive to eliminate negative thinking from your life
Listen at least as much as you talk
Always try to take advantage of an opportunity to help someone