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  • They really respect me and my opinion and they do everything in their power to make me comfortable at work, to have whatever I need.

    To answer your question, it was during the University, both times, and thus damage on my education was less. It was really important to me, I didn't really get how important until it was too late, but I don't regret anything, I like who I've became because of it, and I learned a lot from that experience though it was a painful learning. The first time I lost a year because of some health issues that made me distracted from my studies so much that I flunked a year, and the second time I made a sacrifice for my family and accepted to be very much the primary caregiver to my grandma who was dying of Alzheimer's. It broke me in so many ways that I can't explain, but I got out off it stronger than ever, and more importantly knowing what I want for myself.

    What happened to you?
    First time around it lasted for a year, and the last time a year and a half. It might not seem that long, but to me it seemed like forever.

    Why do you ask?

    Work is treating me like a queen, thank you. :D
    Arguing with an INFJ is just like arguing with anyone else except they tend to be more emotional at times.

    Yep. Funny how martyrdom works.
    I've only had two INFJ rage moments, outside of the forum which should be example enough of itself, one particular incident I happened to call the pope a fucking idiot (I used to be an episocopal which is like a ghetto catholic, it wasn't just a random sttatement) because of his no condom policy in Africa. The way I saw it, he was basically saying "You don't deserve to live because you don't follow my god" The two girls kinda exploded on me, called me insensitive and such, and said that he can't condone an action that is against his religion (I replied back with "But he can condone a action in which indirectly causes the death and suffering of hundreds of thousands? I think god might be allright with letting them live. Plus, do ya really want a pope he is so disconnected with the times that he'd rather let people die than use all of his "god given grace" to save them?) the other INFJ rage moment was actually in the tinychat, I basically told a guy he was very much in the wrong and he...just really couldn't deal with it. He felt that he was in the right so we got into a verbal altercation. It was fun!

    Haha, I see! If twilight = Vampire knight then what does Death note =?

    Hmm. I think the people who held the death notes had a messed up view on human life. L, quite frankly, really didn't care all that much. Mello just wanted to surpass Near and L. Near cared a little bit, but I'm not sure if it was because Light was breaking the rules or because he values life that much. Light did what most people think is the best way to create a utopia, just get rid of all the "bad" people. Personally I would have liked to see a version of Death Note that went past a decade or two. I'd like to see the civil unrest that would be caused when people start to realize that good and bad are subjective, and kira was just a madman with a pen.
    Hmm. The INFJs are kind, but the day you get on their bad sides....They are more ruthless and vengeful than mostly anyone I happen to know :(. I'm a fan of Death Note, I'm actually reading it again at the moment. I read it when it first came out (Before it was actually popular) and I thought the story line was superbly entertaining and I liked the characters. Most of the main characters seemed to have a N basis (Misa = NF, Light NX, Near =INTJ, L = INTP) so maybe that's why. The whole cult following I'm finding now a days is a bit creepy though, lol. It's like twilight for anime fans
    I'm doing decent. I somehow managed to take a nap at 9 o clock pm and wake up at 12 so I've spent my night playing video games and watching T.V, the custom of all insomniacs I assume. I enjoy the forums but I don't partake in them much. The INFJs have a unique way of viewing the world and I have my own. No reason to argue over it lol. I'm starting to enjoy the visitor message and private messages features though, pretty fun stuff.
    Hmm. I felt the need to introduce myself to you because you are a fellow INTJ on this forum. :p. How are you?
    Now, you've tackled and issue of mine. Hmm I don't think that happiness and fulfillment are the same but they do go hand in hand with each other.

    I had a very long period when I had some family problems and had to make a break from school, stay at home and look out for a family member, and I can't even bring myself to describe properly how miserably and unhappy I felt for not being able to do what I like, or to do anything besides obvious care-giving. Work is something that gives you an opportunity to challenge yourself on a daily basis, to show your strength, to have something of your own. You'll have a family of your own someday I presume and although you'll love them with all your heart you'll need some place and something that you do by yourself and for the most part for yourself (this is if you get the money part from the equation and don't consider the reasons of supporting your family). That is what I consider fulfillment and happiness for the most part.

    In my line of work I think that creative process is the most fulfilling and the part of the work day that I have to spend outside my office, at the place where all the equipment is installed, working and actual processes are. You get to see how brilliant is the human mind for thinking of such an amazing things, for making them work, for finding new ways to build something, control something, improve something.

    The part of my work involves maintaining the measurement and control devices in a district heating boiler rooms. Now, when you get in that room, which is not really a room, more of a large warehouse, you get to see a huge boiler, lots of pipes, measuring equipment, valves, mechanical devices, motors, pumps and such. People evolved from heating water above the open fire to using coal chambers for heating and having someone administering coal in them, to doing all that by automatic control, and having only a handful of people around to monitor it all time. I find that amazing, that amazement is fulfilling and fulfillment makes me happy. I've got no idea if this makes any sense to you.

    What is fulfillment for you? Where do you seek and hopefully find it?
    life long learning implies that your job will change over time at some rate and that implies that you'll never get bored with it because you'll never do the same thing for the prolonged period of time. I loathe boredom, and do everything possible to not feel it. The life long learning requirement was of crucial importance when I was choosing my future profession.

    It's so good when you get the opportunity to practice something that engage you to the core and make you fulfilled most of the time, isn't it?
    At that time electrical engineering sounded like the choice that would guarantee me the life long learning because of the rate of technology development, and control engineering because it's the only discipline that actually requires top-down approach to things, namely understanding the big picture first and thinking about details later, in which I seem to be really good at.

    Why do you love architecture?
    Electrical engineering specifically Control engineering. I'm enjoying it immensely. It's very fulfilling and rewarding, extremely interesting and very good choice for people who tend to see the big picture first.

    What kind of work are you doing an for what masters? And the same goes for you, are you enjoying it?
    Sorry for being late with response. Life is great but a bit hectic. :)

    Doing both at the time. Finishing my masters degree and working at the same time. How about you?
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