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Unenlightening Right Answer Game

because of their laziness.

Is being patient always difficult?
Depends on the person and what they are being patient about.

What makes some people follow their hearts and others their heads?
Perhaps people are just so concern with themselves they have forgotten or blocked out their golden heart.Some are just scared of being cheated and are always in paranoid mod where suspicions lies everywhere.Humans are fragile creatures.
People just need to be loved and know they are doing the right thing.Others who want to follow their hearts grow wiser and stronger.

What is the best travel place to go to.
Darwin, Australia

Why are nudist beaches full of fat wrinkly old men?
It's something that comes by good for perverts and i won't be surprised if shai gar joins the group of old men.

Why do people say infjs are weird?I think the people seem much weirder to me.
because you're against the natural human responses such as "kill all my opponents"

is that a robin in your avatar?
Yes it is.I like robins.

How does it feel to see and touch snow?
a lot more disappointing than you'd think

guess who doesn't like robins?
hmm your cat?

Am i right?
nope, i meant the joker

but my cat, towards the end of his life, didn't mind any birds or lizards that came into the yard, it was the puppies that chased them...

how do i turn off the constant reboot every night on vista ultimate?
by pressing the button.

Telly or no telly?
No telly because it becomes a vacuum that increases your bills.Our consolation for being poor is our imagination.I proudly announce it.:m171:
Should i walk up the hill today to buy chocolate?
Buying chocolate is always good luck

Why do I always get stuck with the bill?
Because the people you hang out with are users?

Why do things have to be so complicated?
they don't. but if they are, we can elect to grow and benefit from the process.

When did we begin living in a world in which organic food and "no preservatives" was something special. I mean, wtf?!
When we lost our right to vote.

Why is it so frickin' cold in my house??
because the temperature inside your house is colder than what is warm for your body and the temperature outside your house is even colder than that.

Who invented ice cream?
some fella

should i connect my printer and find the 4 dollars necessary to fill up my petrol tank?
some fella

should i connect my printer and find the 4 dollars necessary to fill up my petrol tank?

Petrol... *snickers*


do I REALLY have a screw loose?
Don't think so, I think you're enthusiastic, silly and willing to try anything for the experience, but than again maybe I have a screw loose myself and can't see clearly.

Once and for all, tell me the factual answer, who is the better guitarist? Slash, Satriani or Hammett?