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the meaning of an honorable death


Oct 27, 2009
what is it?

also, what do you think about the concept of 'honor' in death at all? sometimes i see on the news deceased people being honored in elaborate ceremonies and being given posthumous awards of all sorts, and it just makes me step back and go "What?" the dead aren't going to appreciate it, they're past feeling anything at all at that point; clearly the ceremonies are primary for the bereaved, but i think it colors what the actual LIFE of the person meant - the manner in which they're respected in death seems to reflect their value in life, and i think that is incorrect.

also, i think people could allocate the money that goes towards honoring and preserving the dead towards LIVING people who would actually notice it and maybe benefit from it. it's just like how when people pray constantly but don't lift a finger to fix the situation, what the heck's the point? god doesn't need your prayers, he can already fix the problem if he wants, but people can't and DO need your actual assistance.

i'm sorry.. probably talking out of my ass here, but what are your thoughts?
I think the concept of an honorable death depends on two things: do you believe in honor at all and what regard to you hold death. If you don
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The only way to honorably die is to honorably live.

There is no honor in death. It's ugly and horrendous.
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Taking a bullet for someone else whom it was intended could be viewed as an honorable death.

Swimming into a raging cold river back and forth to save drowning children and dying yourself could be viewed as an honorable death.

I think it possible to die an honorable death when others are placed in higher regard than self.
A bit off topic, but does honor exist outside the context of others? As in, can honor exist independently of a social context?

Can you die honorably if there is no one there to see and no one else involved?
Honor is doing the right thing when there would be no chance of you being caught doing the wrong thing.
I heard many years ago it is the things we do when nobody else is present to watch that tells us most about ourselves. Is this the context?

Agree with the above....
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Dieing without any regrets.

(Without regrets about the sum total of your life and about the way you are dieing).
(Without regret does not mean without repentance - for the religious ones).
I believe a better way to honor and preserve the dead would be through actions that the deceased person would cherish not through the giving of green cloth. Like if the person was avid about volunteering than volunteer somewhere

^ well said
I've never met those creatures - honor and disgrace - neither dead, nor alive.
Everyone has a different opinion so every or no death at all could be considered honorable!