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Jun 13, 2009
2000 years ago, Jesus said unto his disciples:" Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions"

Now, Apple is proud to present, The iPad. It's a pad, with a screen. It can browse the internet and unlike ordinary computers you can choose your own background.

And get this, it doesn't support Flash. You can even turn it around any direction you want, and when you're done with it, you can use it as a placemat.

[ame=""]YouTube- Apple iPad is 'an incredible experience'[/ame]
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That made me laugh.

How very innovative. It leaves me breathless.
He doesn't do a good job of selling it at all. I was going to say "watch Flash get hacked into it", but I see it uses some "custom processor", so it's probably too slow anyway.

If they make these dirt cheap (lol I don't think so), I'd love to get one to use as an eBook reader. Otherwise, a laptop probably does everything better.
So it's a bigger iphone without the phone bit. Just buy a laptop?

Completely pointless.
Looking at the prices, this actually isn't a terrible deal for what you get. I might pick up a used one when I'm not in the financial hole.
It's really not, though. It's just a bigger iPod Touch (which WAS innovative).

v I just saw this same joke on Facebook. You, sir, are not innovative. v
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The iPad doesn't look as absorbant as my current brand
dang he beat me to it, Oh well. Is it cheap, cheap enough for a poor college student.
At first I was excited, assuming that is was like a mobile Cintiq of wonderfulness at a great price. Then I learned that it is not at all a Cintiq-type gadget. This saddened me greatly, leaving me to wonder when I'll be able to afford my sought after tablet monitor, or if it'll ever be something a student like myself can buy.

Thank you, Apple, for reminding me that I'm broke. *sigh*
Oh my, I just watched the video and I must say. I was realy looking for a new web browser specificly for my fingers, I won't even need a mouse.
It's a toy / plaything. Nothing wrong with that.
/insert overused joke about maxi pads
/insert overused joke about maxi pads

Just goes to show you how terrible I am at picking up on that kind of stuff. That joke didn't even remotely cross my mind until I read about in the news.
Then I guess I'm way out of it. I avoid the news whenever possible. All I read about is kids getting killed, people that we trust with our money screwing us, and road rage! If this was a "current joke" I missed it. Thanks for bringing it to the "ostridges" Shai!