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The Dissolution of the US has been predicted!


Jul 27, 2008

Guess I should be planning on:

a) Learning Mandarin Chinese
b) Moving to a region that better relates to me
c) Immigrating to Australia

Of all of them, I think I'd rather move to Australia. Funnel Web spiders and all.
I think the Russians are just jealous because the USSR broke down :m171:

Mandarin Chinese? Good luck with that. I've tried (and failed). My parents are from China, and I still flunked Chinese school.


Even if you can figure *that* out, you still have to learn how to write it.
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Which is why I think that it might be best for me to just move to Australia.
And "The Central North-American Republic" – the Plains from Ohio to Montana – goes to Canada.

*rolls out welcome matt*
China is more likely to fragment into many sovereign nation states.
I guess if China goes ahead and takes part of the US, I'm gonna get those Muzzy tapes in Mandarin and drive myself bananas. Now with more dancing bears!:

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NOOOO arbygil I'm getting flashbacks!

*sits in fetal position in a dark corner*

I mean, at least the girl in my video was pretty enough that I could just concentrate on her face instead :m1:
Make sure you just take the ones with the most marketable skillz.

damn...guess I just DQ'ed myself...
Looks like the Russian is applying what is happening to his country to the U.S., which in psychological terms means that he is simply projecting his own country's issues onto another's to ease the burden and shift the attention away from their own internal problems. He is also looking through the limited scope of his own cultural and KGB-trained lens in a false hope to see the demise of the US as the global superpower. The Islamic fundamentalists also pull all kinds of deluded propaganda stunts to woo their masses and keep them living in a world of hatred.
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To get them living in a world of hatred all they'd need to do is tell them the truth.

It does look like the russian is seriously off-base though with his predictions. Americans are far too arrogant to be ruled by anyone other than Americans. I could see the US splitting off into allied nations, an Allied States of America instead of a United States of America, but that's about all that might happen there...

Oh yeah, ID, WA, Montana and OR might become parts of Canada, along with Alaska, but if any US states join any other nations, that's about all that might happen.

Oh yeah, North Mexico might be annexed by a joint Texas, New Mexico and Arizona nation.
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Truth is never relative. Only the interpretations of the truth can ever be relative.
Actually since Washington State has the most nukes in the world, WOULD they join Canada as just another state, or as a powerhouse state, or become their own nation, with Idaho, and Oregon.

If I ever had to move to the USA, I'd want a Fortress/House here: 48º12'39.84"N 120º40'54.83"W
We aren't discussing Absolute Truth, but relative truths, which yes, are subject to interpretation or mis-interpretation to achieve their own agendas, which relates directly to this thread.
I don't see how we're gonna be broken apart when we've been on course for a "North American Union" for years now...


Absolute Truth has to do with actions and consequences, the data, rather than intentions and morals.

Which directly relates to my argument that all certain nations need to do to get their populace to hate the USA is tell them the truth. This doesn't have much to do with the thread at all, except for replying to post twelve, final sentence, your own.