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Apr 1, 2009
i'm a bit concerned that my body is taking a hit

feeling some stomach aches, and more recently some chest pains

curious to hear from anyone that has dealt with this

how do you tell your body to stop freaking out?
You should tell first your mind to stop freaking out, and he'll do the rest for you.

I was under the extreme stress at one point, and my body was going havoc on me. I had allergies and rashes, started coughing, couldn't sleep, felt dizzy all day long, couldn't concentrate, put a lot of weight on, and all that started in a period of a few weeks, I began having tachy attacks too often for my condition. It lasted too long, and now I'm suffering consequences of it, but luckily I'm young and once I realized that I should put my mind at ease first and deal with stress on that level, everything started to get better. I'm not as I used to be yet, but I will be hopefully soon.

Don't let your body suffer too long, and deal with your mind as soon as possible.
You should tell first your mind to stop freaking out, and he'll do the rest for you.

Don't let your body suffer too long, and deal with your mind as soon as possible.

yeah... thats what i figured too

i thought that i had already learned this part

something is missing
Perhaps you should pick up a hobby
that will also be beneficial for stress

Not recreational drug use, though.
Or alcohol and pot if you don't include those in your "drug" lists.
I get physiological reactions to stress and emotional pain because I like to not express things..
I worry about it alone inside my own head while trying to maintain a calm facade... or I just obsessively think about what's wrong until I feel ill..headaches and nausea.
Do the opposite of those things and see if it helps.

Do you talk constructively to other people about what's going on with you?
Do you obsess over problems?
Well, this is a very real situation that can get very severe unless you learn to
1) relax when you can
2) Feel all of your emotions instead of burying them in tension in the body
3) Learn to feel your body tense when the emotions are buried.

Hypertension, stomach pain and some IBS, muscle pain, etc can be modified and helped if these skills are mastered, but it can take 3 to 6 months of guided practice to develop novice skill.

Look up Samatha if you are looking for relaxation.
Control your breathing. Listen to your heartbeat and know when the pauses in between are. Some forms of meditation should help, yet many people cannot deal with them. Physical labor helps reduce stress. I use prayer when it gets really bad. Good to have someone to vent to. Get it off your chest and off your back. If you get into a serious situation, call 911 and do not toy around with it. Keep us posted how things are going.
Stresses are like tendrils of sore spots that would have you be as they are point accumulated from our environment. As then there is such a thing as stress burnout from the essence that is your body saying a time out is necessary. After all when we work with such busy lives, and get inundated with so much information and stimuli and deleterious substances from food stuffs and absorbing other peoples drama.

Who is to say whether the mind matter has had enough the and the body matter starts to react accordingly to the vacuums of stress that start with your emotional body first and work your way up to your mind body. And this energy blockage is quite rightly so an indicator that the current life style and choices that are being made are counter intuitive to the way the body and indeed your essential self is meant to be expressed. And of course then stress is a result when you are stubbornly feeling the need to stay in the same behaviour patterns as you feel safest with. And the tension escalates, the crisis mounts until the change manifests.

And so that is the primary issue behind stressful manifestations. The need to recognize that whatever your eating, thinking, ingesting, flowing as a career choice, accepting as a relationship choice are probably out of sync with your mind body and soul.

I should know, I've been there big time.

Change your diet to a healthy diet that consists of wholegrains, vegetables and protein more of and excludes processed sugar and manufactured sugar. :D

Then change your thinking and emotions by climbing a emotional scale from crawling out of negative thought patterns and embracing positive thought patterns.

Then reconnect with your essential self by meditating, exercising and practicing the art of patience, learning to create accept and read your bodies signs of what is crap for you and what isn't I guess.

Ah stress, would be like the 21st century buzz word.
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thank you all so much. i really appreciate everyones input.

i spent 20 minutes trying to write something, and i just kept deleting

i'll try to respond again later
There really should be something (and probably is) such as "stress reflief courses" we were never really taught this- and also I get the impression these days that's you are supposed to have a "damned good reason to be stressed enough to actually do something to try and make yourself feel better" maybe start buy looking at your life in a weekly and daily basis, pin pointing the parts os your day, week that cause you stress and find ways to try and simplify things and avoid your stressors - good starting point at least.
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I recently discovered it helps me relax a lot, if I just watch youtube videos of other people getting massages. Wierd I know but its like I can live through them...I watch this on my blackberry right before starting work and it makes me feel much better.
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I think the bottom line is finding something that allows you to release the tension and anxiety that you are supressing. Your body is making up its own solution so you need to retrain it in. Whatever it is, will depend on who you are as an individual. A hobby, exercise, meditation, whatever. Sometimes, it is okay to just have a good ol crying hissy fit too. I would suggest taking some time to learn more about what would make you happier and feel more relaxed. Sometimes just giving yourself permission to be good to yourself starts the journey toward wellbeing.