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Jun 14, 2009
Few things confound me, but this one has.
My brother recently came back from Woodford, where he saw for the second time, an fella' called the Space Cowboy.
This guy is a sword swallower and the like, but his supposed mind reading can be explained by thought leading to subconscious actions, which you can learn to read.
What confuses me, is that this guy bends and twists cutlery, without touching it. Disbelievers bring their own cutlery and hold onto it while this guy does his work.
Theories? Explanations?
I think there's a really crappy tape of it on youtube, in a bar somewhere.
Don't base your opinion off that. It's not as good as it could be.
I've seen people do some completely incredible things, and I don't know how they do it. I do know that it is an act, but I'll never figure out how.
Neat. I read about this the other day.

One theory might be that matter consists of energy and vibration and so do thoughts, and all energy is connected, so you can use thought to physically alter matter.

Sorry that's not a thorough explanation, I really don't know the details of this. I also don't know enough about the subject to believe or disbelieve that this is correct, but perhaps it is a possibility. I imagine something along those lines is probably what does occur if the spectacle is for real.
It's kind of scary. That's the main theory, but to get that kind of power over matter could be devastating, which leads me to believe it not to be true, however, you can see it is, because it's right there in front of you.
I think there's a really crappy tape of it on youtube, in a bar somewhere.
Don't base your opinion off that. It's not as good as it could be.

I found some. They were great :wink:

I don't know what technique he's using but I met a guy whose little brother does the same thing, and I heard that the metal gets very hot in his hands and then you can bend it very easily
In the video he was just holding the end of the spoon and letting its weight let it droop... and it started curving on its own

And in another clip a woman was holding the top and bottom of the spoon and turning it, and he was just pointing at it and it was twisting on its own

Or do you mean he really just lays it down on the table and it starts changing on its own?:embarassed:


btw He is a very, very cute guy

Oh hey! Here you go . He says it

all of this info passing through our mind
we are only aware of 2,000 of them
in our awareness of that tiny bit of information
solely about our environment, body and of our time

scientists beginning to agree that through our belief, and meditative intent
possible to gain a conscious awareness of thought
I'm afraid to say you've been duped by loose, abstract theories and charismatic fakes. If you wish to see this myth well and truly debunked by the most reliable source that I can think of, look no further. If you do want to live the fantasy that thoughts can influence physical reality, then don't.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJQBljC5RIo"]YouTube- James Randi demonstrates how to fake psychic powers[/ame]
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hahaha, uri geller is lulz
Busted! Lol.

There is a segment of the paranormal community that hates Randi. They continue to vilify him to this day.
An old thread, but I was just googling the Space Cowboy and spoon bending today for no particular reason, and found this.

A few years ago I was sitting in a tent between acts, and Space Cowboy was on the schedule. I didn't know what act that was, but it sounded uninteresting. However, I ended up watching him on two or three separate days.

The first day he hypnotised a few people including a girl. He sent the girl back to her chair, and then reached at her back like he was grabbing at her and pulling her back. She stopped in surprise and looked around, feeling it. I guess this isn't hard to explain, it's like how you can feel someone's eyes on you. Its supposed to be part of chaos theory or something that you can't observe a system and not affect it. But the next day he did the same thing (reaching out and grabbing at the back) of a different woman he sent to her chair, and it didn't work. She didn't sense it. I thought that was funny.

Also, he explains his acts to some extent. Like on the second day he explains he hypnotises the people by reading their reactions and seeing how easy they are to manipulate. He sees how receptive they are to him.

Another thing he did was get audience members to blindfold him painfully, and tightly with masking tape, like looping many wraps around his head. Then he gets someone to put a broken glass and knives under paper bags, and he slams his hand down on the bag that's empty. He explained he reads the reaction of the person who covered the broken bottle, and can tell by their anxiety which paper bag is dangerous.

He also did the drawing act, like he drew what an audience member had drawn. I can't remember exactly, but he didn't cover his eyes (with mirrors like James Randi said) and he was heavily blindfolded. But he put his hand on the person as they drew, or - I have troubling remembering - he got a separate audience member to touch the drawing person, and then touch him. He said he could feel by their actions (placing his hand on their back) what movements they were making, and thus he could copy the drawing. Or he might have described the drawing, which could be like cold reading. My memory is off because it was a few years ago. Anyway, he's a very interesting performer who explains his acts to some extent.

I am somewhat inclined to believe this telepathy/sensing stuff because it seemed to me I kind of predicted a car hitting an old lady outside when I was a kid. I walked to a corner of the shop, and when I heard the screech and thud, I thought, 'That must be it.' But the incident is confusing for me now, and I don't know if I actually predicted it (only by the span of a minute or so), or if there was just a really long screech and I got confused.

But the really interesting thing was he bent some spoons and cutlery from the audiences table (I think - I can't remember precisely where he got the cutlery from). He did rap them against things to show they were solid and had audience members inspect them. You could see the tines bending and twisting. I didn't take this especially seriously, because the performer is a skinny blonde guy with a lot of piercings, who swallows swords and jokes about Deepthroat. And also because I was a long distance away in the crowd. I figured it was an optical illusion.

But then he began bending spoons in audience members' hands, mainly children. He places his own hands above and below the kids' hands and the spoons bend. In an interview he said people always ask him how he does this, and in seminars he tells them to concentrate and then the spoon has bent in their hands. The most interesting example was when he got this little boy from the audience.

This kid wasn't a plant. It's a tent full of sweaty festival-goers who were sheltering from the rain. The kid was tiny, probably about 4 years old, had a huge skull relative to his frame and formed his words awkwardly, he was so young. The Space Cowboy had the kid hold the spoon which was bending, and the kid suddenly went, 'Aw!' The performer then held the microphone to the kid, and asked,
'What did you feel? Describe what you felt.'
The kid said, 'A zzzap.' He was so young he made the z sound long. The child said the spoon had become hot, and then a few seconds later the spoon kind of melted and broke, and part of it fell to the ground.

I'm not saying I didn't witness a trick, I don't know how it happened, but it's not as cheap a parlour trick as James Randi is making out. He didn't bend the spoon against his chair. The spoon drooped, and dissolved/broke out of a tiny kid's hands.
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I believe that ESP and telepathy exist as a further branch of human evolution. However I did see an amazing documentary on how psychics etc trick the public.

and..I just can't help myself...but...
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUxWdIQVT_c"]YouTube - Abit of Fry and Laurie - Psychic Spoon Bender[/ame]

the topic made me think of this.
Mr Jingles knows what I'm talking about! And Galileo, I thought of that too. :p

I saw all of those acts as well. He did the kid when I saw him as well. I haven't seen any of the drawing ones, but my brother told me about them.

It's even better because he intersperses these amazing acts, tricks they may or may not be, between your average circus and/or freak showy acts. It's really cool.
And I thought about the explaining he does before every act, he tells you how he's doing things, and tells you nothing at all, at the same time.
It's insane.
What he is saying is more than likely a diversion though...oh well, it works.

The Space Cowboy is amazing, and I dunno whether he does all of these things for real, doubtful as it may be, but he made me and countless others believe he did, which is more than enough for me.

And it's nice to pretend, isn't it?
Hmm. I'm skeptical of this space cowboy guy. Tbh, I'm not so confident that he's even a real space cowboy. If he is a real space cowboy where's his space suit? Exactly.
The James Randi clip was really entertaining. It looked like Uri Geller wanted to sink into the floor when he found that all of the props on the Tonight Show were completely tamper-proof and he was stuck with a silent audience and a bored Johnny Carson.
What confuses me, is that this guy bends and twists cutlery, without touching it. Disbelievers bring their own cutlery and hold onto it while this guy does his work.
Did your brother bring a spoon?

Most contemporary magic artists like Criss Angel rely heavily on rigged audiences.