So, how "old school/skool" are you? :D | INFJ Forum

So, how "old school/skool" are you? :D


Sep 5, 2009
I notice that quite a few members here seem to have an "old school/skool ;)" vibe or charm. There seems to be a feeling or sense that you could've been from another era/decade because of tastes, interests, style, or personality.

So, how "old school/skool" are you? :D

Where did you think you got this vibe?
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I'm not sure just how much old school I am, but I think that it comes with being observant of others and too much Fe territory. It seems that I just suck other people's experiences, thoughts and feelings without any effort or want from my part for most of the time.
I am no school :D
I am no school :D

i THINK a particular bunny would beg to differ . . .

i THINK a particular bunny would beg to differ . . .

OMG why you gotta be flashin naked photos of my uncle???
I have no idea, really. I like certain time periods because of artistic and cultural aesthetics, but those time periods seem to span decades and centuries such that in the end, every time period is included, but only certain aspects are preferred and chosen.

In the end, I like what I like regardless of "when" it is from. That liking of mine is drawn to things that point to points in time, but the like isn't about the tradition or novelty of the thing considered, or the context from which it was born.

I'm a child of the 70s and was a young adult in the 80s ... so I guess I could be considered old school.
[ame=""]YouTube- Bob Segar - Old Time Rock N' Roll[/ame]
i have a theory that the NF types particularly INFJ's are very old old school fits...
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I grew up in the 90s, does that make me old skool?
I wasn't actually around in the 1980's (unless you count being 1 year old in 1989), but I feel a strong connection to that decade, and tend to get along well with people who remember and appreciate the decade. I like a lot of the music and movies from back then, and in many ways it sounds like it was an exciting time to be alive. Now just seems so... backwards, like we're barely hanging on to the quality of life we enjoyed between 1950-2000.

I'm old school enough that I wish I'd lived in the 1980's. I also feel a lesser draw to classical times, the Renaissance, and the Enlightenment.
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I'm not old school, but I'm sure I will be once enough time passes.
How are we defining "old school"? It seems that old school keeps getting newer and newer as time goes on.
Yeah, exactly.

And does wearing green bell bottom corduroys in the 1980s count? Note to mom: Garage sales--good for saving money, not for social status. Now, if I had just held onto those bell bottoms into the nineties, man, then I would have been nu-skool all over again.

Personally, I am buried in a cultural bubble that has yet to be unearthed by archeologists called the "Late 70s New Jersey People", alternatively known as the "Route 22 Culture"
i have a theory that the NF types particularly INFJ's are very old old school fits...

I think this is probably closest to what i meant. thx E.
Considering I have no soul, no school fits :D
i have a theory that the NF types particularly INFJ's are very old old school fits...

I find that people who are quiet and say one smart thing tend to get labeled an old soul.
Old School Vibe? From where?

We like art.Much of the best(my opinion only)is based in origin with the classics.Shakespearian stage training has produced some of the best actors-even current day ones:Kelsey Grammar(Frazier)My favorite modern musical(prolific,genius),Pat Metheny(jazz) grew up amidst classical based music.It seems most/all?contemporary visual artists are well aware of the classics in art.All this takes us mentally/emotionally back in history(old school),as we search for authenticity(infj trait)by efforts to gain a comprehensive understanding of art.Old School/Old world feel-is gonna be present,I guess.Every infj I've ever known,,is that way...Great question,BTW.Me thinks ye hath more historical connectedness,than one reveals.Oh,and there's more,but my limit of embarrassing self-chatter,has been reached-maybe...
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