So-Called Left Handed Paths - NOT FOR CHRISTIANS

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Shai Gar

It seems that very few of these so-called left handed paths are actually dark.

Dragon Rouge
et al...

I had an actual thread Idea to write but i forgot it. I shall write more in here as I discuss The Order of Shai Gar as a philosophical and power(magic) based cult.

The Magics that TOoSG utilises are:

Concentration or meditation
* A certain amount of focusing or restricting the mind to some imagined object (or will), according to Aleister Crowley, produces mystical attainment or "an occurrence in the brain characterized essentially by the uniting of subject and object." (Book Four, Part 1: Mysticism) Magic, as defined previously, seeks to aid concentration by constantly recalling the attention to the chosen object (or Will), thereby producing said attainment. For example, if one wishes to concentrate on a God, one might memorize a system of correspondences (perhaps chosen arbitrarily, as this would not affect its usefulness for mystical purposes) and then make every object that one sees "correspond" to said God. Aleister Crowley wrote that ". . . the exaltation of the mind by means of magickal practices leads (as one may say, in spite of itself) to the same results as occur in straightforward Yoga." Crowley's magick thus becomes a form of mental, mystical, or spiritual discipline, designed to train the mind to achieve greater concentration. Crowley also made claims for the paranormal effects of magick, suggesting a connection with the first principle in this list. However, he defined any attempt to use this power for a purpose other than aiding mental or mystical attainment as "black magick".

Manipulation of Energy.
Also believed to be the manipulation of energy from the human body. Most commonly referred to by the usage of the hands while the mouth uses a command of power.
Reiki is described by adherents as a holistic therapy which brings about healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The belief is that the energy will flow through the practitioner's hands whenever the hands are placed on, or held near a potential recipient, who can be clothed. Some teachings stress the importance of the practitioner's intention or presence in this process, while others claim that the energy is drawn by the recipient's injury to activate or enhance the natural healing processes. Going further, the belief is that the energy is "intelligent", making diagnosis unnecessary. A second level of training, including another initiation, is said to equip the practitioner to perform Reiki treatments from a distance. This method, it is stated, involves the use of special symbols to form a temporary connection between the practitioner and the recipient, regardless of location, and then to send the Reiki energy. Techniques are also taught whereby Reiki can be sent to a specific point in time, either in the past or the future. One's qi can be improved and strengthened through the regular practice of various physical and mental exercises known as qigong. Though qigong is not a martial art itself, it is often incorporated in Chinese martial arts and, thus, practiced as an integral part to strengthen one's internal abilities.There are many ideas regarding controlling one's qi energy to such an extent that it can be used for healing oneself or others: the goal of medical qigong. Some styles believe in focusing qi into a single point when attacking and aim at specific areas of the human body. Such techniques are known as Dim Mak and have principles that are similar to acupressure.

The magical power of the subconscious mind.
To believers who think they need to convince their subconscious mind to make the changes they want, all spirits and energies are projections and symbols that make sense to the subconscious. Autosuggestion (or the related autogenic training) is a process by which an individual trains the subconscious mind to believe something, or systematically schematizes the person's own mental associations, usually for a given purpose. This is accomplished through self-hypnosis methods or repetitive, constant self-affirmations, and may be seen as a form of self-induced brainwashing. The acceptance of autosuggestion may be quickened through mental visualization of that which the individual would like to believe. Its success is typically correlated with the consistency of its use and the length of time over which it is used.

TOoSG believes in power, through any efficient and effective means possible.
next person to reply intelligently to my thread gets automatic acceptance if they desire into my cult.
I'm thinking about adding Mastery of Tantra to the cult, and including sex parties.
ShaiGar said:
I'm thinking about adding Mastery of Tantra to the cult, and including sex parties.


i did enjoy your post Shai. I'll get to commenting on it in due time.
I think science has found substantial evidence that suggests that humans are capable of doing remarkable things with their own bodies via controlling their minds. For example, Buddhist monks who have spent years meditating are found to possess brainwaves associated with feelings of tranquility at remarkably higher percentages than normal people. Placebo effects have also been shown to cause miraculous healing. It's pretty clear that we can control aspects of our own physiology that are not normally connected to our consciousness via learning self awareness and faith. Time will only tell how this ability will evolve and whether we are truly capable of channeling these strange energies into others physiology and our greater environment.
Aleister Crowley was walking down the road with a friend. He bet his friend that without touching anyone, or talking to anyone, he could make anyone chosen by his friend fall over, through the power of magic. Then once his friend had chosen he followed that individual a few meters behind, mirroring his footsteps perfectly, then he stubbed his toe into the ground and the other fellow stumbled and fell. Hypnosis.

Humanity is capable of a great many things internally, and my cult will be devoted to the study and building of them in oneself. Plus, Drinking, philosophy debating and sex.
These are not the paths of the righteous, they're the temptations and lies of the devil.

Seek His love elsewhere.
These are not the paths of the righteous, they're the temptations and lies of the devil.

Seek His love elsewhere.

You have to understand that we are not all christans here. If that is all you are going to say, take it elsewhere. And just a heads up, people have been banned for being hyper-religious in the past.
Dark/ Light.....Good/Bad......Life/Death....

There is a dicotomy to everything. One is less without the other. None can exist alone.

And humanity only values one because it has the other.
TOoSG doesn't believe in duality, but rather in the TriNature of all things, as existing in a Chaotic plane.