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Seeing Auras

Discussion in 'Psychology and MBTI' started by Poetic Justice, Sep 17, 2012.

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    [MENTION=407]oceanbreeze[/MENTION]: i can see the white rings too i always thought something was wrong with my sight except i have near perfect vision i can detect the slightest of moments even from far depending on the object and even see certain types of lights other's seem not to be able to see , and alot of time's i can see the shadow battling the light in tiny fragments, the smallest of things omg thank you for letting me know i wasn't the only one .

    [MENTION=2578]Kgal[/MENTION]: that make's alot of sense about the dmt i been reading and researching about because i want to try it, because the thing's they say it does i can do naturally like alot of time's i have problem's remembering i'm in this world but i have learned to balance it like a bio location (astral projection type thing) but that make's alot of sense . i have an over active dmt balance and perhaps an over active pineal gland as well (which explain all the major migraines i used to get and where i used to feel them including sometime's i get this warm feeling in my brain that feel's like someone is giving my brain a massage or its doing it self idk how t explain except it kinda feels good lol perhaps its best i don't try it now saying i might go in a coma oh no....

    but as far as aura's go i don't ever see the color's but i have learn to associate the feelings i pick up from my empathy with colors as sometime's i do it with feelings as in someone will feel literally slimy to me i will get a slimy feeling , and it come's across as a you look like a dave if i don't dig deeper and just do a quick superficial glance at them , either way it could come across as synesthesia as well and since everyone doesn't have that ability and ability it would be called. then who's to say it isn't a power but a power scientifically explain is all, like hypertrophy which can be connect to super strength which is connect to a person who is a mesomorph,

    the funny thing with conversations like this is if everyone took a step back they would say they are all kinda saying the same thing just at different angles. Most of the time's it just the person asking the question want's the answer in a way that they personally can consider it to be true or false (they need to hear it in their language or see it with their own eyes.

    i have never had rekki but i do believe you can send energy to another person in that form but because the world we live in a highly doubt most of the people doing it especially getting paid are really doing it, so in that case they would be bullshitting but it doesn't mean everyone is same as the people who say they can see auras and those who really can and just for one more example those who workout and naturally are athletic and good looking vs those who get plastic surgery ,

    i wish they give up this thought that everyone is the same and has the same potential its the dumbest slogan made just to make some wealthy fat cat feel okay about their lame as kids or the fact that all they have is money and no talent if we all had the same potential this world should be alot more advance in its ways then it is. as far as people go .

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    Aura or photography? (Photograph of Angela Davis.)

    Is there anyone who does not see an aura around this lady?

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