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Sep 26, 1984 (Age: 38)
i want to live it, and learn from it , get to know

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Dec 17, 2013
    1. Rex_morningstar
      Thank you for meeting me on the road. Our paths will cross again , just remember to follow your true heart. You see the mind can play tricks on you and leave you with much shame , at least with following your heart whatever happens it's something you can live with happily .

      this is all just part of your story perhaps the most interesting part
    2. apemon
      Ah Rex good afternoon. Had I but met such a one, I would thoroughly enjoy traveling with them for a while. :)
      And thanks for your response and excellent advice.
    3. knight in battle
      knight in battle
      That would be excellent. :smile:
    4. jyrffw54
      Ooops you can try to send it again. I deleted things from my inbox to make room.
    5. jyrffw54

      How are you?
    6. barbad0s
      Yeah I cross the border on weekends
    7. barbad0s
      I'm from Insomnia :m124:
    8. barbad0s
      Haha yes :) I meant what country are you originally from?
    9. barbad0s
      I have enjoyed reading lots of your posts and blog posts around the forum. What country are you from, if you don't mind me asking? You use English in an interesting way and seem ESL.
    10. moonlightam
      happy cakeday :)
    11. Cherokee
      I thank you for the welcome, and I shall continue my search here.
    12. Dr. Holly
      Dr. Holly
      Hi Rex! I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I haven't forgotten about you! I'm so very sorry, sincerely :( My schedule has been absolutely insane and I've been up without sleep for days on end. That's why I haven't gotten back to you as of yet. But I promise that it hasn't slipped my mind in the least and I will be responding as quickly as I can :smile: I really hope you are well & having a great day...Talk with you soon!
    13. Dr. Holly
      Dr. Holly
      P.S. WOW! I just read your "About Me." I absolutely love that. You are exactly what I felt intuitively. Plus there is a lot more :wink:
    14. Dr. Holly
      Dr. Holly
      I pray you are having a great day. I just saw your reply to sorry that I didn't see it until just now. I look forward to speaking with you! :smile:
    15. Kgal
      I do little bits here - little bits there. But not to any depth like my intuition tells me is possible. Like you said - it depends upon with who. There have been a couple of moments in my life where I made direct eye contact with a child - I didn't know - and held it for a long time. They sent me information about themselves into my mind. There were no words exchanged whatsoever. A couple of them were while I was close to them - say a foot or so. But one was at least 15 feet away and crying and crying. I was drawn to look at him and he to me after my gaze fell upon him. He stopped crying and looked IN to me....and then I received the message - "Don't worry - this is my karma". Then his eyes swiveled away and he began crying at the top of his lungs again. A woman was standing next to him ignoring him. I've had a coworker look me in the eyes and then tell me "get out of my mind". Interesting isn't it? I wonder what it would be like if you and I could sit on the floor across from each other and just "open up" - with our eyes. What do you experience when you do it? I feel my body start to contract like I'm putting up barriers or something. Like I don't want anyone to see my pain....maybe.
    16. Kgal
      Oooo....the eyes.... you are the first person I've met here that speaks of communicating through the eyes as primary mode. It's rare to find one in my real life who will brave such an attempt. What of you? Can you do it with others for any length of time before the raw surge of energy between you forces you to break away?
    17. Kgal
      :tongue: I liked you said that!
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    Sep 26, 1984 (Age: 38)
    i want to live it, and learn from it , get to know
    well normally i would leave this for a good conversation but i guess if i get it over with now, if i connect with someone we can skip all this so i see its point, okay so my dad and brother is a infp, and my mother and my sister are esfps, and im smack in the middle as in life spans,
    the rest i will either right more later or save for a personal conversation.
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    my madness i love the gifts that come from it i just hate its actions
    my life
    my soul
    my code of conduct,
    my moral codes
    my spirit
    What would be your epitaph?:
    Even thought he was a person not of today, he was more of the here and now more then most, because he lived fully and for that he always will...
    type 8
    i really hate this question , because either i answer it the same always
    in some form but i never feel like i said what i should have, but anyhow i guess i would say i'm the type of person you just have to get to know ,because everything in the now depends on my mood and what i'm thinking about, but my mind is always else where, it doesn't mean i'm not paying attention
    ,because with the help of school i know how to look into this world and my own at the same time , sometimes it confuses me when i do it to long, anyhow ,

    so everything with me depends , but i love trying new things for the first time depending on what it is and what i can learn from it,
    i love meeting new people and trading ideas even sometimes having arguments, because i feel you don't really know someone until you make love with them or fight with them, i guess i'm just a curious person who really wants to know and understand certain things if not all ,

    it depends what im thinking about or concerned with, but mostly it all falls around metaphysics, biology or bio engineering, psychology,history , alchemy, x-men , life , its alot im really interesting in everything if it strikes a curiosity in me i will learn about it and if it has value i will like it.

    right now i'm physically l into bodybuilding, body kinesis, strength training.
    sharping my psychic gifts and all they include
    sex magick
    energy manipulation
    elemental manipulation
    health & fitness lover and enthuses
    and finally loving me whole
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