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September 17
I genuinely want to make a difference in the lives

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Oct 3, 2012
    1. the13thmartian
      Hey happy holidays! :D
    2. rawr
      no apology necessary. Funny you mentioned that song, b/c it's one of my faves ATM. Hope your day goes well as well.
    3. CindyLou
      I hope you had a great birthday! <3
    4. 894tt3h9
      You're welcome!
    5. Shaqie
      Happy Birthday (virtual hug initiated)
    6. Vicarious
      Thank you for the rep and for your kind words!
    7. abeautifulheartandmind
      Thanks. I know you are busy. I have been so drained of writing that I can't even muster the energy to even write questions. lol. School is killing me! :D
    8. rawr
    9. Kgal
      This scared me when I first read it. "...love reading every word". ???? Made me self conscious. ::redface: You are the therapist....not me! Why would you be interested in what I say? Thank you for wishing me a wonderful day. I really appreciate that. :)
    10. Brodskizzle
      Holly, thanks so much for being as cordial as you have been throughout all of this. I know plenty of people from many different belief systems who wouldn't have been as classy as you during our discussions. It's been a real pleasure getting to know you and your beliefs. Take care! :)
    11. Cornerstone
      Ahahaha! Mmmhmmm! Yes, indeed! ;D
    12. just me
      just me
      I like your posts, too. Thanks!
    13. the13thmartian
      I already saw your reply... I'm so jealous. I also want a cat :mlove2:
    14. Skathac
      Thank you darlin ^^
    15. Silverwing
      Hi Holly, thank you for the comforting message, you don't know how much that meant to me:) I have my good and bad moments, but things are going well as of late. Thank you for asking. I completely understand how tough it can be to set aside some free time, and I know you were not ignoring the message, so no worries. I am very glad to have met you too, and I enjoy reading your comments!

      I will have to share some pictures and stories of my kitties with you soon!

      Have a beautiful day too friend:)
    16. JGirl
      thanks - i kind of felt my response was a bit abrupt, as i'm not really known for subtlties, but i dunno i just felt like i needed to say what i did. ah well, again thanks :) btw i've enjoyed reading the things you've posted as well
    17. myself
      Thank you for the kind words Dr Holly! I am on the verge of leaving this forum though... just not sure it's a good use of time anymore. I hope you have a wonderful day. : )
    18. Shaqie
      Hallo. I hope you have a wonderful day.
    19. endersgone
      It makes sense, I like the lyrics too :smile:

      I'm doing okay, a few ups and downs, but overall I'm good. Thank you.

      I probably started a bit later than that - games like chrono trigger, FFIV - and so forth. I suppose I've always been more of a "complex characters sort of guy" : p
    20. rawr
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    September 17
    I genuinely want to make a difference in the lives
    2 (Helper)
    I am a Therapist - helping even just one person means the world to me! I hate to see anyone hurting or struggling and can literally feel their pain as intensely as they do (physical & emotional - past, present and even future), makes my "heart bleed" for them. I couldn't care less about "titles" or personal gain of any kind. (**Note** Please feel free to call me Holly :) The username Dr. Holly is actually my nickname as well so it is used in a very light-hearted way, not in the world's view of some so-called "superior title" kind of way. Those who have known me for many years began calling me Dr. Holly outside of my work due to my "INFJ-ness" of rescuing/fixing anything or anyone that needed help. I just wanted to clarify that so what I said about titles and such makes more sense. Plus, I don't ever want to come across in a way I would never like to, personally**). I genuinely just want to make a difference in others' lives, as many and as much as possible. I'm a dream interpretation expert, truly. I don't read books or websites about dreams or their symbols because to me that is generic and no dream is the same. I have been revealing their deeper meanings for almost 20 years and people are always amazed at how prophetic it is and/or 100% true to what's going on in their lives, bringing more clarity to their situations which is what I love about it. Anything that impacts a person's life for the good brings me joy! I am also in Christian ministry with the prophetic gifting and feel very humbled, honored and blessed to serve. I'm a very passionate person so it goes without saying I have many passions. ;-) For years I was a singer professionally, so music is definitely one of those major passions in my life (it's like oxygen to me, that creative expression outlet) and I do still sing today, just not full-time. I also play both the alto sax and piano. Another passion is being a voice, an ally, an advocate of those with Autism (anywhere on the spectrum), or any type of disability - be it neurological or physical in nature. Every person has beauty and purpose within and those with "disabilities" are no exception! In fact, often, non-disabled folks could learn a whole lot from those that are! Such heart...

    MBTI, Socionics and Enneagram typology for me, I must admit, is really an obsession of sorts. I am fascinated by the insight it brings and I love understanding deeper why people feel, think and do what they do. I can never learn enough to satisfy me so I love to discuss pretty much anything that is interesting to discuss, to learn more, bring self-growth/understanding and even more intellectual curiosity. Ultimately in the end, it helps me be a better Counselor and the more I can hopefully help people with a heart of compassion - that's true fulfillment!

    I am a survivor of domestic violence and various forms of abuse for decades. Obviously that is extremely personal and "heavy," but I put it on here for 2 reasons: 1) If anyone here is going through it or went through it also, you're NOT alone. It is NOT your fault! Please feel free to send me a Private Message. 2) Dr. Phil has a campaign that has reached Congress and beyond called "End The Silence On Domestic Violence" to end the shame and guilt that is NOT yours to "own" as a victim, get new laws passed and bring resources/people together and I support it 100%. It goes without saying, this is a cause extremely near and dear to my heart with extreme importance!

    Counseling & Psychology in general, Philosophy, Being in Ministry (Love The Lord!), Learning about others' beliefs and "the why" for which they believe in it, Animals, Music, Writing, Reading, Tyler Perry films and shows, I.T. , Minnesota Vikings football, Cars (working on them), Creativity, Driving & just cruising down quiet roads with convertible top down enjoying the beauty of nature with music playing... I especially love the look, sound and scent of the ocean, bay and main lakes (I live on a Peninsula), Anything intellectually stimulating that causes me to feel and think on a deeper intuitive level that can spark really interesting discussions. This list could keep going... :)



    Three things will last forever: faith, hope and love - but the greatest of these is love ~ 1 Corinthians 13

    "I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior." Hippolyte Taine

    "Give to us clear vision that we may know where to stand and what to stand for, because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything." ~Peter Marshall