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  • I saw this and it made me think of you :redface:
    I'm doing alright, thanks for asking. :) My life's kind of crazy right now, lots of loose ends I need to tie together, mistakes I need to fix, new directions I need to head in, haha. Change is often good, but it's definitely hectic. I've been laughing and smiling more lately, though, so that has to be a good thing. : D

    How about you?
    ohhh, its really small i cant see much xD you should upload it to your album :)
    ehehehe i like rain :) but i would never trade my beloved Venezuela for any place! You should come and visit and see if you like it! xD
    ahahaha yes ive been in snow before but not here in Venezuela! To tell you the truth i love snow and the cold!
    Well its time for you to get new records xD
    ahahaha yes it never snows down here xD its eternal summer. Yeah i knoe what you mean a lot of bands and records make me feel bad because of that. But there are always some of those that make me smile and feel better :)
    awww. I hope you get better soon. Listen to some good music and enjoy some nature and you will get better :)
    umm maybe i could go to UK. It doesnt sound as a bad Idea. Or you could come to Venezuela :m083:

    ehehe just kidding. I think its just feeling lonely and having existencial problems as usual xD
    I dont know, i think im kind of stable xD but im feeling a bit weird.
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