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RIP JD Salinger

I just read about it on another internet forum.
91 is a fine age though.
Wow.. may he rest in peace.

The catcher in the rye was like my favorite book when I was a teenager.
I hope he died feeling calm and loved.
RIP, he's been one of my favourites for a long time.

The first time I read Catcher in the Rye I got Holden's voice stuck in my head and wanted to call people "phonies" all the time. :)
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The catcher in the rye was like my favorite book when I was a teenager.

Probably because it was required reading in a 10th grade English class I had, I couldn't stand reading the book Catcher in the Rye.
I dreaded every page of it.
To this day I recall sitting in class trying to choke it down just to be able to write a report on it.

You would think a story about a defiant, rebellious kid would have appealed to a defiant, rebellious kid.
But since I was being told to read it, I rebelled against it.

Since it has been in the news, and have heard so many say it was their favorite I may just have to read it now.

I may just enjoy it now that I would be reading it on my terms.

In my teen years I liked his books, Franny & Zooey maybe more that Catcher in the rye. I read somewhere that he wrote all those years and that now those works are going to be published according to his wishes.I hope that's true.
That would be so fantastic if there was a huge cache of his unpublished stories. What a parting gift to the world! I heard that he had not had anything published since 1965! That's the year I was born!! Amazing he could still be so loved and influencial after so long. RIP Mr. Salinger
I only read the Catcher In The Rye on Tuesday. I absolutely loved it.
My family got annoyed at me because I was so antisocial after reading it.