Reading Dominant Vibes

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Variable Hybrid
If one word described the general presence of people with various dominant functions, what do you think they would be?

Here are my suggestions.

Se - Now!
Si - What?
Ti - Hmmm...
Te - Activate!
Fe - Us!
Fi - Me!
Ne - Neato!
Ni - Processing...

I suppose you could also combine these to type people... for instance, if someone has the 'Processing...' vibe, decide if they are more 'Activate' or 'Us' to determine if they are INTJ or INFJ.
Using these, you could read the vibe of each type as follows...

INFJ - Processing... > Us
ENFJ - Us! > Processing...
INFP - Me! > Neato!
ENFP - Neato! > Me!
INTJ - Processing... > Activate!
ENTJ - Activate! > Processing...
INTP - Hmmm... > Neato!
ENTP - Neato! > Hmmm...
ISFJ - What? > Us
ESFJ - Us! > What?
ISFP - Me! > Now!
ESFP - Now! > Me!
ISTJ - What? > Activate!
ESTJ - Activate! > What?
ISTP - Hmmm... > Now!
ESTP - Now! > Hmmm...
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Ni: Curious...
Ne: Experiment!
Fi: Worth...
Fe: Connect!
Ti: Define...
Te: Construct!
Si: Methods...
Se: Do!
Me! Now! eat! Ugh ugg.

Se- Engaged
Si- Normal
Fe- Sociable
Fi- Personable
Ne- Dynamic
Ni- Conjuring
Ti- Technical
Te- Constructive

INFJ = Conjurer of society
INTJ = Conjurer of constructs
ISFP = Personally engaged
ISTP = Technically engaged
INTP = Technical dynamo
ISTJ = Constructor of norms
ESFJ = Socially normal
ENFP = Dynamically personal



Might change Si from "normal" to "knowledgable"

So it would be

ISTJ: Constructively knowledgable
ESFJ: Socially knowledgable
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Ni: Introspecting...
Ne: Amaze!
Si: Remembering....
Se: Wake-Up!
Ti: Analyzing....
Te: Exclaim!
Fi: Reflecting....
Fe: Share!

Mines suck but I tried xD
Se - Obey!
Si - Yes, sir.
Ti - I can't trust you.
Te - You all suck! Muhahaha.
Fe - What do you need?
Fi - I need this! Please?...
Ne - OMG, so many questions... where do I start???
Ni - Answer.

When you combine them to the pairs that always go together, you get:

SeNi - Obey! Answer.
SiNe - Yes, sir. OMG, so many questions... where do I start???
TiFe - I can't trust you. What do you need?
TeFi - You all suck! Muhahaha. I need this! Please?...
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I adore this thread topic. I think everyone did a good job with their buzz words.

I tried to choose simple present-tense verbs.

Ni-I like processing for this, but my for my own--It is hard to choose just one but I can narrow it down to explore, predict, and...oh wow Ni is hard to pinpoint. Processing is good, though.
Se-experience (present, the verb)


Perhaps "sync" for Ni. Besides processing, that is the only verb I can think of that fits Ni. For me, Ni is like the milkman, except he comes on whichever day of the week he pleases.

(Look at my metaphor usage. I swear it's the only way I can describe some things).

But back to the milkman point. I don't know when I'm going to find the insights or from where they come. They just sort of arrive. I can usually trust that they will arrive, too. I do use my concious mind. I use it as a sort of means to activate my Ni. I present it with a mangled mess that I acquired from somewhere. I leave it to itself for a while, and then I come back to find it at least somewhat sorted.

The sorting typically involves understanding it in a "figurative" way. Which also begs the question: Is figurative understanding actual understanding?

I debate with myself whether figurative understanding is a greater understanding or rather a surface understanding. Is it possible for it to be both? Perhaps the understanding is general but its generality stems from its broadness. I'm not entirely sure.


These are the synonyms for intuit.
appreciate, apprehend, comprehend, conclude, copy, deduce, distinguish, feature, feel, feel in one's bones, flash*, gather, get the message, get the picture, get vibrations, get*, grasp, know, learn, pin, read, realize, recognize, see, sense, track

Divine also fits well.
I almost used grasp. I like recognize and track. I have bolded get vibrations because I use that expression a lot. It's how I understand people or situations a lot of the time.
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INFP - Me! > Neato!
ENFP - Neato! > Me!, I just read that and imagined two people getting all enthusiastic over...themselves.

Hmm, let me see...

Ni- While floating in the dark see of my consciousness, my vision used to be murky, but then suddenly I saw the light appearing, and right there - I knew. I could see everything clearly. *visionary epiphany*

Ne- Ah! Now I see it too! I can't believe I nearly missed something like this. Ohh, excellent I have a lot of ideas which may be relevant to this.So, here's what I propose - *trails off into ranting about 20 different ways of improving the idea all the while connecting another 10 related topics into it*

Se- Lets do it! NOW! *enthusiastic*

Si- What will we be doing? I need to prepare and know all the details. It's not something overly outrageous right? Someone should have informed me of this earlier so that I could have enough time to prepare. *pensive*

Te- I will design the work plan and incorporate all the details needed for implementation. We need to organize our resources efficiently for optimal usage, thus assuring the project is completed withing the time limit. *take charge*

Ti- All of these details might be making the plan too boated. Some parts of the plan could use further refinement. We're focusing on efficient implementation while overlooking important points that might hinder it. I will need to carefully work out all of these inconsistencies. *pondering and nit-picky*

Fe- We are forgetting to consider the implication this might have to the people involved. We really need to take some time and make sure everyone is treated fairly in this and that no ones needs are being neglected. *concerned appeal*

Fi- I need to make sure this plan and its implementation are in line with my values before I become involved. I'm afraid that I will have to excuse myself from this endeavor if this condition isn't met. *personal concern*

Disclaimer: I might have misinterpreted some...
Ni - I just know this will work.
Te - Great, now we just need a plan.
Fe - Yes. Is everyone going to be involved?
Ti - Stand aside. This is going to take some careful analysis.
Fi - Exactly. Do I even WANT to do this?
Ne - Why wouldn't you? This is so COOL!
Se - Yeah, so let's just GO already!
Si - Um... what now?
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Ni - processing

Professor Von Hase, is that reason why I better react if I have time to "process", especially whene I am angry or too emotional?