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Quote made on the Spot!


Aug 19, 2009
put down anything poetic, wise, and or jsut plain catchy phrase or thought that you came up with and it'll be your quote, copyrights reserved ;)

IMPORTANT RULE: dont steal some author's or philosopher's idea and copy paste, it has to be you who came up with it

I 'll go first

"Thank you " has never failed to erase enmity or create friendships

Now it's your turn
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Of course a good man is hard to find. It's much easier to just stumble across him.

There is a good reason why dolor y amor rhyme.

Idk how original they are. I've had better.
"Your body is an avatar."
I feel like I'm walking in the shadows unless you're with me, because when I'm with you, nobody else matters

Sorry if it's kind of lame ^^'
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People profess peace, but people are sheep, and they follow the wolves to war. The sheep never win.
It takes only one person to raise you to the stars and crash you into the floor.

Becareful of what you say and if you have no choice be tactful in how you say it
People profess peace, but people are sheep, and they follow the wolves to war. The sheep never win.

The wolves need the sheep to win the war. If the sheep never win neither do the wolves.

and if people are the sheep, who are the wolves?
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Free thinkers who seek to aid the sheep are pigs,
Free thinkers who seek to devour the sheep are vultures,
Free thinkers who ignore the sheep and walk without are goats,
Free thinkers who dislike the sheep and fight for themselves are hyena.
A wolf in sheep's clothing is one who is unwelcome among fellow wolves.

An anarchic society might be utopia, but only until the neighbors notice.

(The second one was from awhile ago.)
Kindness melts icebergs.
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Do what you know is right today, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come.
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Seeing true beauty is true love.
Seeing true love is beautiful.
"A submission a day keeps agent-anxiety at bay"

Even though we may not all embrace the love that we are born with, every single one of us is an angel, and every time we meet another it is a holy encounter.
Weed 'em and reap.
The only true note sounds false.
Every time someone shirks their responsibilities a bitch is born.

If you don't want to do what is necessary to be happy, shut the fuck up and stop dragging everyone else down.

Wolves who hate sheep are destined to suffer indigestion.

Don't ask questions if you don't want answers.
Today is tommorow from yesterday.

People arn't expecting you to be a kind person, arn't suprises nice.