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Nixed Gay Superbowl Ad

I know a lot of gay guys. Very few of them are into football. Is the superbowl really a good target market?

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I would have to assume there are a lot of homophobes that watch football. The advertiser has a lot to gain from negative publicity.

I don't see how the station itself could benefit from playing this ad. Negative publicity isn't really needed because the station is already incredibly well established so there isn't much to balance the potential alienated viewers that don't like a "gay" channel.

What the h-

I know a lot of gay guys. Very few of them are into football. Is the superbowl really a good target market?

Seems like it would just cause a bunch of testosterone soaked straight guys to 'gaybash' for the next few weeks to months depending on how 'shocking' the video was.

I think the press the site is getting over getting their ad dropped is the best case scenario for them, honestly.

Exactly what I was thinking, anyone who thought that ad was even close to being a good idea was a moron.
Publicity stunt.

I don't really care about people being offended, because I think people should be offended when there's a point.

But this seems like a pretty obvious attempt at public manipulation for financial gain. Any talk of politics or prejudice or whatever just sounds like B.S. The only issue I see here is money.

*moving on ... *
I'm all for rocking the boat, but I agree with the majority that this was a publicity stunt. Still, the faces of the homophobes would have been priceless...
Weren't a bunch of GoDaddy ads thrown out last year for being too "sexually explicit," or something like that? If the ad is really what I'm picturing, I'm not surprised. I mean, how else do you recover from everyone in the universe seeing Janet Jackson's boob that one time?

But I really doubt it's about the homosexuality. If anything, they're getting more publicity out of the fact that their ad has been denied and it happened to depict two gay males together.
No. NFL is Football.

NRL is Rugby.
FIFA is Soccer.

Americans get to name the sports because we're awesome like that.

The French named Soccer. It's French for "Football". I guess the Americans just love french stuff.

Americans are retarded like that.
Hey, don't rag on soccer, or I'll go rugby tackling both your asses.
Bring it! I'd love to spar with you and turn it into one of those romantic moments where I overpower you and almost kiss you. bad. I just realized how badly we've deviated from the original post...

*kicks VH in the shin when he's not paying attention and runs away!*

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