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I've been thinking lately about why it is that when I'm down I don't (and can't) turn to food for comfort.

For me, my appetite is always at it's best when I'm HAPPY :)

How 'bout you, how does mood affect your appetite? :m090:
Hurm, when I'm sick I don't eat a whole lot...but that's not really mood.

I suppose when I am upset I am too distracted to go up and eat.
I forget to eat when I'm extremely aggravated or sad.
The happier the more I want to eat, and the more I will eat.

When I am upset I have to force myself to eat.
I eat when I'm stressed, or when I have something delicious tempting me..

I don't eat when I'm depressed/sad however.
I eat more when I'm down and less when I'm happy.
When under stress food gets the heave ho until 30 hours later I realize when I ate last.
Otherwise I eat quite a bit.
I don't feel like eating when I'm in a bad mood
I can't eat at all when I'm nervous.
I honestly don't find the pleasure of eating. For me it's another function like defecating. I only do it when the body asks for it regardless if I'm in a bad mood or not.
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I eat more during fall when my body kicks into hibernation mode and on holidays and when my family's doing something. As for mood, though, I don't think it really effects how much I eat as opposed to what I eat. I'll be more likely to indulge when I'm upset or just not care in eating healthy.
First of all, I eat like a horse to begin with, but when I'm feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I get all sorts of naughty cravings for carbohydrate-rich foods. Salty. Sugary. Cheesy. Yeah. Technically, I know a visit to the gym is going to help me combat my stress, but who the hell wants to work out when your heart already feels like it's running a marathon? Sometimes I lose the battle (okay, 80% of the time, the victory does go to Impulse) but when I do manage to reign in my will-power, I get really grouchy because, well, I need my goddamn chocolate.

When I'm happy, sad, or anything else but anxious or stressed... Well, I still eat a lot, but at least I'm better behaved. :P
Lol, yeah, gotta love those sweets.

Ironically, eating too much of their sweetness will lead you to have other health problems atop of your depression. Nice way to have them as friends if you ask me :P

Well, technically you're not supposed to go anywhere near sugar or caffeine when you're depressed. Not even fruit juices or fruit itself. The sudden spike in insulin has a price, and when you come down, you're feeling shittier than ever and looking for the next pickmeup.

But that's just a technicality.
It depends. Sometimes, if I'm not feeling that great, my appetite is small. Eating a lot is not usually a good thing. Most of the time, it reflects excess of something negative in my life. I tend to eat more when I'm feeling overly protected or controlled by circumstances.

Edit. To steal Passion Incarnate's comment below, there's a sense of discomfort with feeling too full.
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I am basically always hungry. I'm hungry right now. Guess what I'm craving? A veggie burger. I really need to go to the grocery store. This is terrible. I have nothing good to eat.
I'm definitely a moody eater. I envy you if you don't get the unhappy munchies, Ria. So how do you deal with your upsets?

I tend to turn to chocolate or home baked yummies. Home baked yummies + chocolate = bliss. The act of baking also eases my troubles. The taste of it makes me quite happy. Then I tend to eat to much and go a bit hyper and end up dancing all around the house until I'm exhausted.
I'm trying to eat only dark chocolate, because too much makes me feel sick and I won't get to the hyper stage unless I'm on self-destruct that day.
I am going to take this the opposite direction and say, the more I eat (especially unhealthy), the worse I feel. I get depressed if I eat very much.

I wish I didn't have to eat. I just like the taste of it, and I hate feeling full. If we didn't have to eat, we could say, Let's go get some food, I haven't done that in a while, that would be fun! Wouldn't that be great?