Iowa Allows Same Sex Marriage

Yay, now for the rest to fall in place.
I like the last sentence.

Governments SHOULD allow gay marriage
Churches and Religious Institutions SHOULD NOT allow gay marriage when their doctrine is against it.
*does happy dance*

I was actually quite surprized by this. Of all states, Iowa? I would have expected NJ, VT, or NY to be the next ones in line. Either way, I am not complaining.

What I REALLY like about this though, is that they based this off of then government, not religion. For once in their lives, politicions are actually listining to the seperation of church and state *shocker*!
Woot Woot for Iowa!

Finally someone had the balls to redraw the line between church and state!
I used to stereotype the Midwest as a backwards rural bastion of fundamentalism. I'm glad to see yet another one of my prejudices contradicted. Iowa actually has the highest average SAT scores and second highest ACT scores of any state.

(I still see the midwest as rural and snowy but that's not a negative to me :smow:)
I personally think marriage should be of the heart and have nothing to do with church or state.
I agree that it should be none of the state's business. Ceremonial marriage is a religious concept anyway, so this gay marriage hullaballoo shouldn't even be an issue. But the government doesn't fully respect separation of church and state, so legalizing it might be the next best step.
However they need to keep the right of a group to exclude whatever members they want.

It's a fundamental right of any private society.
I'm just surprised it was unanimous. Not even Conn. was unanimous (4 to 3)! YAY for Iowa!!
the legal problem is the separation of church and state...

even if the state legalizes the right, the church won't recognize it... and i think that is what the whole problem is... the liberals want everyone to recognize the union...

... and i consider myself a liberal on this issue...

yay for Iowa...
By the way, Sweden legalized same-sex marriage as well.
Thats kind of a scary thought. Iowa leading the world in a cultural civil rights revolution.

That may be one of the boringest states to drive through (and I made that drive enough) but damn they make me proud *sniff* *wipes away a tear*
It's sad to hear that still the country is still struggling with same sex marriage. This is the 21st century and I believe that we have seriousily grown as people compared to how things were back then.

Plus I've even looked up articles on love and psychologist have claimed that a person can be in love with someone of the same gender as well falling for the opposite gender.