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Imagine a wizard has given you a gift, with a hidden clause


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Apr 8, 2009
Hey Ho

A powerful wizard, Cyrilus, grants you the ability to fly.


You can fly like an eagle, wherever you want to go, but there is a catch. If you should catch sight of a certain thing, whilst flying, you will immediately lose your ability to fly and plummet to the ground.


The wizard, whilst smiling mysteriously, refuses to tell you what this thing is, but says that if you search within yourself, you will know the answer.

So what is it? What is the one thing that would stop you from flying? What would you have to see, in order to lose the power the wizard has granted you?
An airplane
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Seeing someone I love lose their ability to fly. That would make me lose mine.
my reflection
first thought was myself. great question!
The very thing I would be trying to escape by using my ability to fly; the ground and all of its inhabitants.
molten lava. unless i pass over an erupting volcano, i'll be ok!
So my next question is:

Having made a decision regarding what you think your 'achilles heel' might be, would you still use the ability to fly, knowing you might be wrong, or that even if you're right, that you might inadvertantly see the thing that would cause you to fall out of the sky?
Photons. Basically you can't fly and the wizard is a lying bas****
Volcanic ash cloud that results in a fly-ban. Apparently this can affect thousands of plane flights as well.
Disbelief. You have to believe you can fly in order to fly.

That reminds me of...

[ame=""]YouTube- R Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly[/ame]
lets hope he tries it
If I don't know what it is, I'd not fly until I got myself a parashoot and I'd do several low level (1 foot off the ground and moving slowly or not at all), looking at everything to try to eliminate or find what thing it might be. After eliminating the commonest sights (the Sun, the moon, sky, ground, houses etc) I'd fly around with the para shoot on. If no parashoot, I'd only do it during emergencies and not very high.
You memory of not being able to fly.