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How do relationships usually end for you?

trust me, its a natural function for the intj to trouble shoot. i could trouble shoot for days on end... it seemed to be that the more i asked the more crowded she felt.. which i totally understood so i would leave her to her own devices.. and it worked slightly. in person, she talked to me like i was trying to sell her something she didnt want, but she would still sit with me, or be affectionate. it always made my head turn like a confused dog lol, but she was sweet and smart and i would just keep my mouth shut when i made her mad or something because i know i would just upset her..

the funny thing about infjs / intj relationship .. she would lecture me and curse me out.. but i never said a negative word in return.. your type certainly does feel a lot. do you keep from most of society because of that sensitivity ?

Well, yeah, I'm really sensitive when someone hurts me so much and doesn't realize it and what's worse for me is that if the person never realizes it. That's another thing that's hard for people to understand and it is true. How could they know we're mad at them unless we tell them how we really feel, but on the other hand, we don't share our feelings easily. It is confusing, but it's usually easier when the person in front of us knows what we really mean or how we feel without having us to speak much about our feelings.
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ill leave this thread with this statement..

a good example of the quirks i like that most intj's really despise, it the fact that

i could of very well acted as if she was such an puzzling mystery and she would of probably been happier with me all around lol, most other women would definitely have left me for such a thing lol.. i love it, its so backwards, that its cool, you cant learn this type of information from anyone but the source.

infjs are like a strange instrument to me.. nothing is where is should be and there is no manual in my native tongue, but i must master this sound though, it strikes me like no other..

thanks for your explanations they will stay with me forever
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yeah, i suspected that as well.. she could of at least told me this, i wouldnt of freaked out.. i told her my type in hopes that she would at least investigate and know what to generally expect.. but i guess that doesnt sound very romantic at all right lol

Sincerity is romantic, I think that's cute. Personally I like things spelt out. My ex always used to hint things. I'm a direct speaker not indirect and I respond to the same. But then again if someone told me their type I'd look it up right away. Anyway, yes she sounds like she could've been more honest, but I would imagine that in having to discuss it she would've brought up a whole lot of upset and disappointment in herself, and also made herslef more vulnerable by letting you into her innermost thoughts. Its a scary concept. i personally don't do it anymore....
How do relationships usually end up for you?

Horribly. Scratch that. Chucky and Jason getting married horrible kind-of-thing. Don't know what else to put Lol
They never end
Not amicably. I can't imagine anything more horrifying than being just friends with someone I've been in love with and intimate with.

I'd constantly be having to cut my heart out just to "have fun" and "get along."
When it ends, nothing brings me more comfort than closure. That means an absolutely new beginning with no residue of the past in my face, mucking up my days.

I'm everything or nothing.
nonromantic relationships, they usually end by me just gradually talking to that person less or less, or the person gets into a conflict we can't resolve and I simply tell them to

"piss off"

or maybe I just say that because they don't match the scenarios in my head.

No, badly. Externally, I shut them out. I'm embarassed to "come crawling back" to them. Secretly, I still want them. I still want them all.

Even if I try to rationalize it, I'm always going to like the idea of companionship, and someone asking me to tell my own issues for once. Actually no, it's my fault for not sharing them when people ask. Ay ay ay, I'm leaving it at this.