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How did you find out?


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Jun 11, 2009
How did you find out that you were an INFJ?

Personally, I've always analyzed (and criticised) myself to exhaustion, until I knew every little, shameful detail about my own existence. I don't lie to myself in thinking I'm something I'm not, or thinking I do things without ulteriour motives, if that means anything.

Anyway, I ramble - the point is, that I always knew of my traits as an INFJ, but I never actually knew of the MBTI and its personality types. I found out about it, and about the whole concept, with the Jung personality test that I found in several websites.

So my question is, how did you find out you were part of this wonderful 1%? :D

:m200: Btw, I love these monkeys...
I found out in my religion class back in the 12th grade. There were about 30/32 students in the class and 3 of us (all girls) were INFJs.
How did you find out that you were an INFJ?


By trial and error I guess. When I first took the test I got INFP, but it didn't fit very well, then I typed ENFP, it was pretty close on the descriptions but not enough and then I tried INFJ and it came out perfectly. My J is pretty low though.
I was all "hey MBTI test! What's my type?" and it was all "...INFJ!" and I was all like "Neato!"

True story.

Then later I did research cuz Mr. MBTI is a liar sometimes. Turns out I really am INFJ, though I type as INFP, INTJ, ISFJ and even ENFJ sometimes. I am for sure NiFe dominant though. For realz.
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Basiclly in the same way that Wyote described. I found the test and typed myself. Once I was truly honest with myself I came out as INFJ. After a little reading, some applying, and a bit of self discovery I agreed that I am an INFJ. Joining hear further reinforced this. Once and a while I will type an INTJ but that is only when I am in a highly logical/egotistical mood. All of my letters are strong, with my J being the strongest.
I took the test many years ago (my parents had the book "Please Understand Me"), but I don't remember the results resonating very much with me at the time. My dad says he remembers me testing as INFJ though.

But this last year, when I was back in school, we took the test as part of a "communications" class. I tested INFJ, and after reading some of the descriptions, they really resonated with me. Since then I've taken the test a few more times, and pretty consistently come up INFJ. Also pretty consistently had stronger N and J scores than I or F.
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I was all "hey MBTI test! What's my type?" and it was all "...INFJ!" and I was all like "Neato!"

hey that's exactly how i discovered it
except instead of "Neato!" i said something like "aunhhhHH?!"
it was dead on
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Just curious now - what implications does it have on wether the J is stronger or weaker? I'm personally stronger on my I, same level on my N and F and weaker on my J. What does that imply?
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I actually vacillated between thinking myself an INTP and INTJ for a number of years. A lot of the INTJ profile resembled me and so did a lot of the INTP profile (particularly Paul James'). I never even considered that I might be an INFJ until I met a fellow MBTI buff who pointed it out. After much consideration, It was obvious, I *am* an INFJ. Having both the Ti/Fe aspects of the INTP and the Ni/Se aspects of the INTJ. Hence why the confusion.

And thats when i came to the 'orrible realization that ... nah, just kidding
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On one of my library trips I had taken out books to assist me in deciding what I'd take in university. One of the books were a big fat personality test but no where had I picked up the term MBTI, only INFJ at the end of the book. I think they were calling it something else for the sake of simplicity?

I met someone in passing who surprised me when they added me on facebook and one of their recent notes was a meme with an MBTI online test link, he tested INTP. I made the connections and took it online. I got INFJ again.

If you read my intro post, it wasn't until a particularly frustrating night out with my friends that pushed me to search further into INFJ and that lead me to this forum where I continue to learn about MBTI. Who knows if I am truly INFJ, I will only know by expanding my knowledge!
I think I had taken the test many years ago, but it meant nothing to me. I didn't know or remember what I was, and MBTI had no significance. It wasn't until my INFP friend asked me about MBTI and turned me onto it did I attribute it any significance and learn what I was, and that was about a year or two ago.
I took the test about 5 years ago and I scored intj, it really didn't matter to me at the time and I felt that, after the flight of fancy after being told I was a mastermind, it wasn't worth the time. My friend made me take the test again, and seeing as I scored intj again, I gave the test some credit and started looking into it. I joined the intj forum, and realized that I was the black sheep, so to say (As an friend told me "We're all black sheep, what does that make you?). I started to have doubts about my 'intj'ness and my friends also started stating that I might be another type, infj one of them, the biggest difference between me and them is that I value people somewhat, and I had ideals that, while being plausible, aren't the easiest more efficient route.

I looked at myself and found that my I is not going to change, my N is not going to change, and my J is not giong to change. Right now, I'm in a flux between my F and T but, as of late, I have actually been scoring infj on tests.
I took the test recently in my high school psychology course when we were studying Jung and Freud. I found it for my classmates, but granted we only had one computer and overhead, I had the brilliant idea to have everyone take the test on paper and get them their results the next day :m027:

Granted I totally underestimated the length of the test as I approached 1 AM the next morning :m142:

Anyway, I found that I was INFJ, with the highest score being in the N, tied with I and J, then lowest in F. Out of the 15 other students, me and my teacher (he had taken the test previously) were the only INFJs in the class. I can't remember what the other students had... possibly a blocking mechanism to protect me from that bad idea I had :m169:
Interested in the whole concept, I decided to do a little more research on the subject on my own. Then I went deeper into it when I proposed an independent study on Jungian Psychology, and saw that out of the sixteen personality types, INFJ fit me best of all. It was funny, that course... my teacher said he wanted to give me two credits for all the work I had done :m075: never did see those two credits.
I took an online test back in high school and got INFJ. Reading the description was like having a synopsis of myself.

Sometime between then and now though, my Fe broke. I've tested as INFP (nope) and INTP (closer but not quite) before. Both my F and J are usually pretty weak, but I still fit the description. I'm sure I fluctuate but I'm not going to let an arbitrary group of letters define who I am. I just so happen to belong to a small subset of the population that has a different thought (/emotive) pattern than the rest of the world.
6th grade. Via a long, long written test administered by our gifted teacher. I don't remember what everyone else was. She was big on having us figure out how our minds worked on an individual level. Got into researching the topic again shortly after getting into college. Now, I kind of care considerably less about typing or being an INFJ. I've stopped using it to define myself. All it does is give me some kind of clue as to how my brain likes to work, which is useful in adapting other people's systems to my needs. Or understanding what I need to do in order to adapt to someone else's system.
I took various online MBTI tests beginning a few years ago and was typed alternately as INFP/J. I fairly consistently came out 50/50 on J/P. At the time I was on a life path that was very unstructured. I valued that chosen life path very much and so I think I favored the more unstructured answers even though my actual temperament is more comfortably oriented toward tasks and closure.

I identified as INFP tentatively for a few years, but after engaging with INFP's at length, I began to realize I am not dominate Fi. I became aware my decision-making style was Fe. INFP's generally expressed confusion over and/or dislike of Fe made it difficult for me to accept and own my Fe decision-making style, but eventually I disengaged from an environment that was becoming increasingly unhealthy for me and accepted my INFJ nature.