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high school friends, college friends, or none?


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Dec 19, 2008
where did you find a real true friend?:m032:

from which group of friends are you more attached to?

based from your experiences, did you have more close friends in high school or college?

or....did you find a real true friend in work or other place than in school.
any true friends ive had have generally been found by chance actually,a friend of a friend kind of thing,then we just ended up bumping into each other in the same places.I have two really good friends and id do anything for them.they were friends of mine when we were younger and then we ended up hanging out together in college after having lost contact for years.this happened when one of them ended up dating my then boyfriends best friend which was cool.
i prefer when i make friends outside specific social settings as it doesnt restrict associations to one location etc.that way if you change jobs or move schools the friendship is just as strong as it was before!
I don't believe in 'real true friends'. I enjoy my cousins, but if you are talking about non-related friends, I currently retain the number 2 which were from Highschool. Being ENFPs, they were drawn to me and once they came they stayed very loyal. Sure, they are stupid and do not have anything midly interesting to say, but at least when I want someone to come over and watch a movie with me they will come and stay for five hours too long to drive me out of my mind. Actually, thinking about it, It's a good thing that I have such sticking-to-me-like-glue friend, because I have said many socially unacceptable remarks to them that would normally appall a person. I also have no friends outside of this people, and am never motivated to make friends. So in the event that these people were gone, I would, in essence, be socially screwed.
I had some good friends in HS. Many of them began to irritate me because of their immaturity + I was going through pretty bad depression, leading me to cut them off entirely. So I lost a lot of friends in that period. My college friends are more acquaintances than close friends. There is one or two that I see once in a while but that's about it. I don't make friends easily because I put up walls around me when meeting new people which makes me come off as cold at times.
I have 3 very close friends from highschool that I still talk to. The rest remain mostly aquaintiances.

I have 2 friends out here at college that I feel as close, or closer to. My circle of friends is larger out at college as well.
I had basically no friends in high school, and I have several pretty good friends in college. I don't have any best friends, which is what I really want, but maybe I'll find some soon enough.
One from higschool, 2 from university, 2 from my working place. Though, "true friend" is questionable concept. These are my good friends, somebody understands me better in one way and somebody else in another. They are important to me, but with every of them I had different phazes in friendship.
I had quite a few friends whom I was very close to in high school but then my perspective began to alter once we were out and I no longer put as much value on having a 'best' or 'true' friend. I guess then I could say I don't have as many in college!

I enjoy good company once in awhile now and I know that I can turn to any past 'true' friends if i'm going through chaotic times.

My friendships have also happened by chance just as Liv described!
I think I am quite "selective" with my friends, cause there's only one I call my friend (the rest have dissapointed me greatly in some moment or another, so they end up being just "people I know"). I have met all of them in highschool.
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I actually have no friends. Honestly, it doesn't bother me too much but it would be nice to have someone to commiserate with every now and then.
I actually have no friends. Honestly, it doesn't bother me too much but it would be nice to have someone to commiserate with every now and then.

I find that hard to believe. I can understand I's not needing or wanting alot of friends. However, I can not see an I_F_ be healthy with no friends to speak of what so ever.
I need some people in my life I just know that. I cannot be completely alone. Even if its a few acquaintances, and no friends.
If I did not have a brother, sister, and close family I don't think I would have any friends. It's not that I don't want friends, it's just making close friends is difficult. I tend to prefer friendships that require little to no management. To answer the original question, I have no friends form school.
I dont' have any close friends now and none from high school anymore. I think the closest friend I had was someone I randomly met online a few years ago. We hung out with each other as often as we could and were very close for about a year or so. Then I moved and we drifted apart. :(
i have many acquaintances, most i almost never see but who i maintain good relations with.

i do have a few close friendships and for that i am grateful.

however, i would say i have either not come across or have not been able to cultivate a friendship with anyone who i could bare my innermost self to.
I'm my own (best) friend. I'd love to have a circle of close friends, but I've given up chasing after it.
In middle sch, I had lots of friends and a few best friends. In high sch, I had one good friend. When I started Uni, I had one good friend. We were not that close, but we were close enough to study together and go out once in a while. We've lost touch now. Even though I've had at least a friend throughout my sch periods (middle sch, high sch, etc), I've always felt alone, even when I was with them, so I've never really felt like I had any friends at all since middle sch and especially in high sch. Right now, I've no friends, and I used to worry a lil' about it, but I don't even think about it anymore. I do wish I had at least one friend and if I find one, great, and if not, great. It's the last thing I'm thinking about right now. And I'm learning to be my on best friend, like Helpful_Elf and I think that's really all that matters anyway and what should come first above anything else.