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French Kissing

Up for some tonsil hockey?

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  • What is this kissing you speak of?

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me liekz :redface:

But then, I like all kissing as much as, if not more than, I like sex. It's so much more intimate. French kissing, sucking on, licking and nibbling on tongues has a joyous feel to it.
I feel the same way about kissing too! It really does feel more intimate than sex.
But french kissing...I don't know. I can't seem to get into it.
French kissing is good but not the ridiculous over the top hollywood style, that's just silly.
With someone I care about, yes.

Last time wasn't enjoyable because I was quite drunk. I got tired of it pretty quickly and pushed the girl off so I go could take bong rips in the next room.

It's especially no fun if they're sloppy.
I haven't even had my first kiss yet. :(
I really advise keeping it small and gentle. That is the only way to do it right. It should be like intimate caressing.

Nothing is a bigger turn off that having someone stick their tongue down your throat. I've never really understood the big, sloppy kisses.

Of course, I have found you have to do it with the right person for it to have any meaning or to be enjoyable. But that might just be me.
It...wasn't anything special. Kissing for the sake of kissing doesn't appeal to me, especially french kissing...
But then, I've never had anyone special to kiss, so it was just kind of sloppy tongue stuff. So, it didn't become my favorite hobby.
Well, given where I come from :party:

This said it depends on people a lot... Sometimes it can be very awkward and unenjoyable. But so far my best memory with a guy is a kissing one. Aaaahhh.... *sigh*
*sigh* I miss kissing, french kissing, all of it...
Kissing is cool, if the other person knows how to do it some what. One guy almost turned me off kissing altogether. yech. Fortunately though I had found some one who was pretty decent at it.
Oh, please to anybody thinking of kissing, ensure your oral hygiene is up to scratch! Bad breath = such an enormous turn-off... :'(
Not a big kisser. More of a cuddly guy. Its like with handshakes i'd rather hug than shake hands. I'd rather cuddle up on the couch and be next to the person than swapping spit.
French Kissing...when having Sex it is kind of a Must. For during the Day...nah. It would just feel odd. Maybe sometimes in Between but sure as Hell not all the Time. I guess I am more of a Person who does other Things. You know the Usual: stroking, sitting really close, looking at each name it. o.o
I know I've said this before ... I LOVE SMOOCHES!!!!

I just love kissing ... whenever I've been far away from a lover (done the long distance thing more than once) I've missed his kisses sometimes more than the sex! (not that I didn't miss that too, lol)
I like it as long as it's not too wet. I hate getting my face licked. *shudders*
love it.. i consider myself quite good at it... and never had any complaints...
been almost a year. did ya'll stop kissing?

When I was sixteen I was kissed by a girl and It felt as though she was trying to engulf my face!..

I do like kissing though.. My wife says she loves my kisses so I gladly bestow them on her everyday.