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forced extroversion


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Oct 7, 2009
Florida man
I was in a fase not so long ago that all i did was sit in my dorm play games, get on the web and sleep. I was actually starting to depress myself as i hadn't had any human real contact in close to two weeks. So as of recently I've been forcing myself to go places and do things with my friends around campus. I've been feeling a bit better though I do dpend alot of time in my dorm still.

and now that the back story is over here is a question for you, do you ever force yourself to get up and go places for no other reason then because you've locked yourself in your cave for to long?
Yup, I do. Experience has told me time and time again that the majority of the time if I am in a funk from spending too much alone time, getting out and doing something (not nesscararly with another person) will make me feel a lot better. INFJ's can easily get trapped in their head, moreso then other I types because Ni will get in a loop if there is no output from what is trying to be acomplished (INTJ's have this too to a slightly lesser degree). Our Fe is a need and drive for us to connect with others, so if we fufill that role after being very Ni heavy for a long time, it is a relief.
I cherish my time alone, but I LOVE people once I've had enough time to myself. The disclaimer on that "I LOVE" is that it's naturally limited to people I feel comfortable around and enjoy spending time with, which unfortunately, tends to be a somewhat small number, but they're out there. Sometimes it's enough for me to simply get out into the world and be amongst people, and at other times I seek and need to interact with people I feel connected with.
Everyone needs some contact with other people. Even extreme introverts, like me. Man is a social animal.
I absolutely force myself to get out!!!!!

I work with lots of folks during the week, but my existance is pretty solitary on the weekend, especially now since the kids are grown and out of the house. I could go all weekend without talking to anybody.


years ago I found a little Mexican hole-in-the-wall restaurant in town and I started going there. Over time I met some people, then more, then even more. Now it is a great place to drop in, visit and chat, have 2-hour lunch, whatever. I eat every meal there during the weekend...have a nice drive across town, then a casual brunch or dinner, say hi to folks. I have been adopted by several couples, a few five-year-olds, and all the crazy waitresses. It is a good place for me because they have gotten to know me (a bit) over time and so I'm not a stranger any longer.

Of course, after dinner I get in my little Yaris and leave....I could not take a full day of that sort of frivolity!!
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i force extraversion at work. i have to. it's why i'm so good at my job.
everyday when I'm with my friends:m027:

edit: actually, its more like letting my Fe run havoc
I get into a funk when I don't have work for an extended period of time. But my job gives me more extroversion than I could ever need. If I am at home for an extended period of time I don't have any problems unless I neglect exercise and my typical upkeep routines. I think I could spend a month in isolation and be perfectly fine, if not feel stupendous. Of course, that is assuming I would have the internet, without the internet I would probably have a few issues.