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Do you believe in second chances?


Oct 27, 2009
or third or fourth? sometimes just when i think i've lost, that i've failed, i can't redo whatever i should have done in the past, the universe throws me a beautiful new opportunity and i can try again.. maybe there are infinite chances to do what we're set on earth to do? this goes into the whole fate and destiny idea again, but maybe it's less spiritual than some sort of karmic law, or even a physical law, and that whatever we're supposed to do will get done eventually, no matter how many lives or chances it takes..

i don't know, i'm just rambling, but what do you think?
Yes. Simply because when you screw up bad enough the scar stays with you. Even after so much time has past when you get close to repeating the same mistake it'll resurface.

As far as it being built into the universe to happen. I don't buy it. You either have to make it, or someone has to give it to you (directly or indirectly).
I don't think anything is over until it's over.

I never give up on people - ..... exept maybe myself..... no, there's hope for me yet.
It depends how badly they've let me down and how close they are to me.
I do not believe that the universe is inherently fair and would provide second (or equal) opportunity for everyone; however I believe people should consciously work to make it so that there are as many second (and third) chances for everyone. The reason is, people develop very differently; the biography of many great minds would demonstrate them to have been stuck or lost or failed, and this just wasn't the end, in their case. I wouldn't explain it with their own resilient mentality, that's too simple, and even such mentality is part of the process; but rather I'd say they got the chances, and that was very good for others too, eventually.
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I'd have to agree with the above post. Sometimes life just does not offer second chances for everyone; but if given the opportunity one should consciously take it. In regards to giving someone else a second chance in a relationship, I always believe in giving others that opportunity. A person can definitely learn from his/her mistakes and people do.

You make your own destiny when you are in control. When you lose control, count on your luck.
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If it's possible to have/give a second chance, then I would take the opportunity to do so. I think messing up once shouldn't be irreversible. Second chances help you learn.
depends on a lot of things, if they really want it, and show me that...

If they really repent and show me that... They can have many chances.

So long as it wasnt unforgivable.
Life isnt fair or unfair. Life is. - someting that I've learnt. a few lecturers have told me that haha

makes a lot of sense to me. Ultimately, if a person failed, the person failed in our minds. if the same situation where the person failed surfaces again, I'll give the person a second chance . if not, meh.
whatever we're supposed to do will get done eventually, no matter how many lives or chances it takes..

Part of what I believe, sometimes it takes many lives of learning what not to do.
While we can still draw breath, there is always another chance.
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Well. I'd like to think I do. I always say that I give second chances if the person deserves it. Maybe I do.

However, I sometimes find it really hard to. But then, I suppose it all depends on how much this person means to me. I'd probably just give in, if only because I still want her/him in my life still.
If it hasn't worked, alter the approach and try anew, concentrate and refine it, or try something different. There are no second chances, but there are unlimited first chances. You are only bound by your imagination and willpower. At least, thats how I act.

Success or actual acceptance is a different matter though. Heh.
I think that experiences can repeat, but often with small variances. Case in point: a broken down car.
I think that with each occurance you can learn how to do things/fix things better. Nothing is really a failure because you actually attempted an effort.

As for people, I generally give them a second chance so long as they haven't deliberately lied to me or gone over a known boundary.
I think that as long as you're alive, there is another chance. There won't necessarily be another chance for the specific thing you chasing, but if you pull back and see that there are numerous ways to reach the broader goal you're truly after, these chances become apparent.

They're there and there and there and there. Watch them light up as you read that sentence. :m032:
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I think we are given endless chances to grow. The tricky part is recognizing the opportunity before it's passed you by.
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Second chances are deserved for those who recognize that they are available. If you miss it, maybe you're not ready for it. I do believe those opportunities are given to everyone, just not the insincere, or the closed-minded. Just be open to the flow of your stream, and avoid complacency.
the universe will always throw at us whatever we need at this moment for our own learning and growth, it's like our shadow follows wherever we go, it's been waiting for us to enter it for eternity. To recreate our reality and truly live our unlived life, we must courageously go into our darkness and shed light on it to bring out what is yet unconsciousness in us so that we can stop our past/fate from repeating itself.
I tend to be able to see another person's side enough to give them a second chance.

However lately it's been solely because I'm here and the other person is here and it would take effort to stay mad so voila, second chance.