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Do most of you talk in metaphors?

Yes. Over 70% of what I say is a metaphor.
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Once an acquaintance told to me they believed in a type of intelligence described as metaphorical intelligence. It involved an intuitive seeing and understanding expressed in a Shakespearean way. I valued their vision.

Wow, I really like that! We have an artistic ability for verbal illustration, we're adding a picture to emphasize and clarify what we want to express.
I usually speak very simplistically with few long words or any kind of poetry, however I do sometimes speak in metaphors no one but me can really understand ^^" Which lots of people get very confused with. I do it without realising a lot of the time.
If I remember any I've used, I'll post them later XD I have a memory like a colander.
i often use the words, 'it's as if', before i describe deeper perceptions, thoughts, and emotions.

i find metaphorical language helps ease/lead the listener into understanding that which cannot be solidly fathomed by factual intellect alone (intuitions and feelings for example).

i'm not aware of speaking mostly in metaphor, but i know i do incorporate it to better explain something.
I did use a 'bizzare similie' the other day to describe what it was like writing a story when I was on the verge or writer's block:
It's like you're scraping out an egg of everything it has inside.
My friend's said it conjured weird images in their heads ^^"
I also have a habit of using noises to describe something, for example:
'It was RAAR!' or 'She's like 'Lalala'.'
Which, thankfully, most of my friends have gotten used to ^^" I'm very bad at explaining myself in general.
Without even realizing it, until I'm halfway into my elaborate stories. :)

I just hope others don't mind. :m154:
It depends on the people I'm conversing with. It's hard to find someone interesting to talk to, who is at your wavelength and feel don't have to "guide" them to places, but go on to tangents, variables, possibilities, read between the lines, flow, fly and follow. Usually this happens with N-dom types, especially Ne, time just stops and it's just you and that person in the moment, which feels like isn't here and now at all. But obviously to get on with the world you have to adjust and speak the language around you; I think esp. with us, relating with our Fe, we're social chameleons and tend to take on whatever styles we come across with in other people, making them feel comfortable.
When I'm deep in thought and trying to explain those thoughts I'll talk in metaphors to get my point across but aside from then I think I talk pretty straight forward which still leads to confusion.

Actually now that I think about it I talk in metaphors once I've become comfortable talking to someone and even then only occasionally.