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Do infj's tend to be more religious?


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Feb 9, 2009
I'd say that the probability is higher than normal. IMO, religion is pretty much determined by your upbringing, so any type can really be religious -- but i'd say for INFJ's the probability of being religious is *much* higher than normal. INFJs if anything, are, in theory, more spiritual than most other types.

I personally, not religious, despite going to sunday school, and a couple bible related camps (hated em).
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INFJs if anything, are, in theory, more spiritual than most other types.

This says it all.

Most of the INFJs I know are extremely spiritual. All of the INFJs I know are on some level spiritual. Most of the INFJs I know are also not especially religious, though some are profoundly so. We follow our own hearts to our spirituality it seems. I don't know any other types that are consistently more often spiritual.

Though, my control group might be tainted a little. I am a minister.
My impression is that INFJ's really just think about the spiritual much more, so we seem more spiritual. We are hell bent on the strictly rational (like many of my INTJ friends), but we are still rather logical in the way we think. We also seem to be able to have belief in something without absolute proof.
I definitely agree with the fact that INFJs tend to be more spiritual than most other people. I also happen to think it goes hand in hand with being among the most intuitive of all other people.
As far as religious goes, it can be true, but that really mostly depends on how you were raised and your parents/family. My parents, my dad especially, happen to be really religious, so I have the same beliefs and everything as them. For the most part anyways. There are some things I believe that they disagree with.
Probably. A lot of it depends on your upbringing, but INFJs crave an outlet for their moral principles. Religion/Spirituality has both structure and the idealism INFJs want.

I personally am somewhere between independent and buddhist. If I absolutely HAD to pick a religion, it would be buddhism. I think most religions are just means to control free thought. Some people need reigns to snap them into place, so I'm not knocking religion--I just prefer to hold the reigns myself.
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Spiritual, yes. Religious, not so much.
I'm something, something in between something.

If I'm spiritual, it's a rationality-based spirituality if that makes sense. I don't have an inner knowing or feeling about how things are or spirituality. I have read a lot though, and the things I read that make sense to me are what I based my beliefs on.

If I had to choose a religion, I would make new age beliefs into a religion. If I had to choose from what actually is, I'd merge buddhism with paganism and with the baha'i faith (and religious science, if it's recognized). Those three are contradictory in some beliefs but their underlying principles are complementary.
Spirituality r00lz.

My worldview is Buddhist but I also like Taoism, Quakers/liberal Christianity, Baha'i faith, some New Age ideas etc.

With Ni trying to synthesise unified models the result is a spider web of foundational beliefs. As much as challenging viewpoints may make sense, I'm still compelled to pick and choose whatever fulfills my mental wiring. It's personal inner guidance relishing in slicing through uncertainty with a more certain uncertainty without getting bored of discovery- a provisionally comforting paradigm clicking with my intuition like a soul mate (buzzing bloomin cheese bees!) and if I'm somehow detrimentally wrong it'll eventually lead me to the mistakes I'll need to correct with better critical thinking. That's how I can still follow my own relativity without the disillusionment that relativity has to be absolute. I think we're all at different stages of reaching truth the same way a child isn't stagnantly wrong/inferior but younger than than the wisdom of an elder. Of course soul age may be nothing but a concept projected onto reality the same way mbti is. Doesn't matter cause I connect as vividly to concepts/deities as much as you could attach affinity to a fellow homo sapien or louis vutton handbag.
I would say more spiritual than religious for the most part, though a lot depends on upbringing. Still, we are less likely to adopt the religion of our parents than, say, ESTJs. I believe, as a group, INFJs are more curious about religion and will explore more vigorously than other types.