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Disability's effect on Type

Blind Bandit

Blind Man Being Lead to Nowhere
Jan 28, 2009
So I often get the feeling that because of my vision my Ni is somewhat weak. I feel like I'm living in the wrong body. In that I don't have the vision I would need for great Ni. I"m just curious if anyone knows how to improve Ni

And more to the general point. Dose anyone have experience with disability and how it effects type? How do you deal with your disability and improve yourself.

I've noticed that my Fe plays hell with me when I go to disabled functions I have a waves of emotion go crazy. Its kinda tough.

After finding out about my type. I'm less inclined to believe that my blindness is the only reason I turned out this way. I think even if I wasn't blind (heavily visually impaired with some vision) I would still be the kind, sensitive, empath kinda person I'm now. Seeing as INFJ tends to be that person. I've found that I give more credit to my type then to my vision for shaping me at least in what I feel is a positive way.

I do think I would be less broken and more whole in the sense I would be happier and have a lot less trouble just getting through life.

So what are your experinces with disability and personality type?
The way to improve Ni is to trust it, and have faith in it. This take a long time to do, and alot of internal "proof" is needed before it will solidify itself. For a handful of INFJ's, they feel there Ni is delusioned because of internal conflict, or counterintuitive proof.

For me, my Ni when dealing with people is based off a subtal body language that I pick up on, and it allows me to come to conclusions. However, I would imagine if I were blind, I would have come up with other ways (that I would not be aware of) to use Ni. I imagine this is the case for you as well. Visual use of Ni though is only around 30% of it's use for me though. Most of it comes from internal thinking and ideas.

Disabillity doesn't change one's personality type, it just changes how it is perceived, dealt with, and presented. You are right in thinking that you would be still more or less the same person if you weren't blind. A disabillity is that, a disadvantage for people, but almost everyone seems to get through it and find ways to work it. If you werent blind life would alot easier for you and you likely would appear less "broken". This makes you unique though, and you will get different insight to people and the world because of this.

I don't really have disabillites, but I have two disorders. I am mildly epileptic, I will have simple partial seizures or complex partial seizures (the latter is rare) from time to time. I don't think it effects my personality at all. Just can lead to awkard situations. I also have asbergers syndrome (I recently remembered this after seeing media refrences), I was diagnosed with it when I was 11. I have many of the symptoms of it. However, I think I have largely "outgrown" it, which apparently is a possiblity once someone reaches adulthood. This effects my personality in some ways, and definitely effected the way I grew up and developed myself. I don't think of it as a disadvanage though. One needs to be happy with the way they are and they way they came out, regrets and self-pity really stifiles improvement. Just keep striving to make yourself a better person.
I have an autoimmune disease that is very disabling. I experience a lot of pain and extreme fatigue among other issues.

Most people who know me would agree that I have been robbed by my illness. I am very passionate about life and have many talents and goals. Some of them will never be fulfilled because of my disability. When I first became ill, I had to change my goals. That was very hard for me. I also had to drop out of engineering school. Now I'm in Finance, which is great for me because it is a desk job, but not great because there are so many other things I'd rather be doing.

My disability can make me introvert more than I normally would. When someone invites me out and I say no, I have to explain why. It gets so old after awhile. Sometimes I think it's not worth making new friends. That's on my pessimistic days.

I'm generally very optimistic. I still do the best I can with what I have. Most people are amazed at how dedicated I am and the amount of things I get done. Many people have told me that I'm the hardest working person they know.

I really truly hate asking people for help. It's not a pride issue. I just do not want to inconvenience anyone and I generally feel that I am a huge burden on everyone. That part of my personality gets me into trouble at times.

I have had to learn to say no to others. In fact, I say "no" most of the time. It was extremely hard to learn how to do it, and is still a challenge some days.

To be honest, I don't see how impaired vision/blindness would affect Ni at all. You don't need to be able to see in order to make abstract associations. The only thing I can imagine impaired vision affecting is Se because vision is a part of Se.

If you've lost confidence in yourself because of your vision and therefore lost confidence in your intuition, that makes sense. If that is the case then you need to work on your self confidence.

The only disability that I've ever been classified with is unspecified learning disabled. I think that because I'm INFJ, this was internalized more than it should have been and affected me negatively because of it. It wasn't the disability itself which hurt me, but instead it was my reactions to how others treated me because they thought I was disabled.

I think INFJ's in general are more prone to take things the wrong way and internalize them that most other types. If you do that, it is important to understand it in yourself and when you're doing it so that you don't limit yourself in the future.
Maybe S types are better then T types with their senses in the "real" world?

I also notice that I feel like my N part is feeling weak, how do you trust if or be able to listen to it? Any tips on how to improve it? I know I'm definitely an INFJ because when I read the description, it sounded a lot like me compared to the other 16 types (ENFJ is pretty close, though).

I have ADHD and I'm on prescribed medication. I don't know if it really makes me become an INFJ because usually those on medications become "NTs" right? I also have aspergers, and APD. The weird thing is, though, that all of this stuff doesn't make me really good at language (especially the APD) even though it's said that NFs are good with language.
Disability's affect on Type

As most of you know, I am paralyzed on my left side as the result of a brain injury, use a wheelchair for mobility and take medication for bipolar disorder. As far as I can discern, none of this has affected my type. It's affected my life, true, but not my type or its functions.
Hey Bandit! :wave: I can see how being visually impaired would make you feel it's inhibiting your Ni. For me I just don't take what I see into account when dealing with my intuition. Try looking for other ways to excercise it.

When it comes to people or settings try focusing on tone of voice, how they say something or word it (or use sounds that are surrounding you) and (for me the most important) the "vibe" you get from the person or place you're in.

For me, the visual aspect is the part I use least. There have been many times I ignored the vibes I was getting from a person or situation becuase they/it "looked" so nice and innocent and I ended up regretting that decision. I really hope this made sense! :D If not let me know and I'll try to explain myself better. :smile:
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