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Describe your process of forming thoughts to verbalizing them


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Dec 10, 2009
Actually am working on a project so I can't participate right now....

Interested in what you all say...
uhm...theres a process???

normally i have word vomit...

chaos reigns supreme

I couldn't imagine trying to actually figure out how i grasp on to one tiny little thought amidst the myriad of incoherent babble that swells inside my brain...
a chaos of whirling mass. It looks like stars, dark matter, and some whitish grayish whirly cloud thingies..

and then some external stimuli will pull out a particular thought, the rest of the mass calms down while I pinpoint exactly what the thought is. then it goes through a filter of appropriateness somehow similar to an old school tea-sieve: does this make sense, will others understand, I hope I don't sound like an ass.

typed in 14-point Times Roman Font on a whiteboard on my brain background, and then either typed, written, and sometimes spoken.

Yes.. I'm insane. lol

Entyqua...vomit is a very appropriate word.
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lol, not insane at all!

I recieve imput through some form or means,

filter it,

sift, disect, analyze,

self discuss (yea I know, sounds pretty mental)

decide how it affects others and self and big picture,

examine meaning, source, direction, point, usefullness,

respond carefully as to not offend

hope it sounds understanable,

file, categorize, organize once again after speaking

observe recieved response,

do the same process once again,

discover more insight and intuitive knowledge from there on

and repeate the process.

(try not to blow up on a regular basis). -- as in mentally explode.
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( haha, myself and three other members in hiding mode on this thread right now... WellNoWonder, Res, acd ) and me :D

just sayin' *chuckles*
Well let's see, I'm mostly a verbal thinker with pictures only coming to mind when I will them so. That being said my head races far faster then my mouth, so I often say something in my head several different ways till I feel I've found the right way to say it. This all depends on context and characters involved of course. Some I may be more quickly to speek with while others I sift over my thoughts, letting go of few deliberate words.

My preaching is far different, it what hits my mind first thats what makes it out of my mouth. So when I have sermon to prepare I don't write any of it down, instead I go somewhere quiet and alone and reherse it from scratch untill if find the correct wording for the entire sermon.
uhm...theres a process???

normally i have word vomit...

chaos reigns supreme

I couldn't imagine trying to actually figure out how i grasp on to one tiny little thought amidst the myriad of incoherent babble that swells inside my brain...

Roger that.
It's hard to describe, but I'm the sort of person who doesn't just go into quick talk mode and say whatever is in my head wanting to be said. Bits of what I want to say sort of play in my mind before I say them, and I tend to alter it depending on what may be appropriate for the situation.
1) get thoughts
2) spin them around in head
3) ????
4) profit!
My mind is a spider's nest of words.
Rendered completely visual.

Letters spew.
I hear the typewriter.
Clattering in my ear.

Words beget words.
Each phrase vibrates, unfurls, dies.
From its ashes rises the next.

And beyond this seeming chaos.
The despot puppeteers.
Strangely analytical.
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It's really hard for me to articulate myself sometimes. First of all, I don't have a huge vocabulary. Second, a lot of what I think is in feeling form and is hard to put into something as concrete as words. So, word vomit happens to me quite a bit.
1) Thought spark(s).
Hamlet, Act I, Scene 3, Lines 113-134.

2) Instantaneous thinking.
I can't even exemplify this in this case. My thoughts just kind of are. They come into my head. They don't really take a form. Sometimes I'll start saying a thought in my head and then the rest will just be there. Not really a picture, not anything, just an instantaneous little concept in my head.Instantaneous is the keyword there. Thinking in my mind's native language is really and truly instantaneous. So, for example, I could read the aforementioned and then immediately think about "Love is a Battlefield," how I look too deep into my interactions with guys, a car commercial, and a health class from way back in 7th grade. It's translating Stella Brain to English that takes time.

3) Mull over a little, sparking more thoughts.

Repeat however long until I feel like I have an idea.

Condense my little, random but related thoughts into one(ish) big, meaningful thought that makes sense to me.
"Hamlet hormones lustlove Ophelia"

5) Figure out how to say that thought so it is understandable to the average person and gets my thoughts out well.

"In my opinion, Polonius thinks that Hamlet is proclaiming his love for and making vows to Ophelia not because he really loves her, but he's just really after a sexual relationship due to hormones."

6) Say it, but it gets caught in a fury of ums, you knows, likes, and acting out things to try and make them make more sense, as I get confused on how to say something that honestly could make no sense to the average person. Meaning lost. You also question my sanity.
"Well, um, I think Polonius is saying, um, that Hamlet is just like, *dramatically* "Oh! Ophelia! I love you so! I will never leave you!" and stuff but he's only saying this because he's like, *creepy-lusty* "Oh, hello there" not really *dramatically* "Oh, I think you are wonderful!" If that makes any sense at all. You know?"

This is an example of something that literately happened in my lit class just a few hours ago.

Talking is hard. I wish people could just hear me thinking, cause I suck at talking. Of course, they'd probably get confused at my thoughts too.
I just rethink the same set of thoughts over and over again until I suddenly figure it out for no particular reason. It's like those card things I was into when I was younger, where I would constantly buy card packs and get the cards I already had, but every once in a while, I'd get the one I was looking for.
Im talking inside my head and I just repeat that. Unless Im having a casual conversation. Then the time gap between my inside self talking and my mouth talk is much shorter and there isnt much of a filter.
1) I usually give myself some time where I shut everything out and focus on analyzing the information I've received. Its hard for me to do this on the spot unless its outrageous information.

2)Once I'm positive I understand every aspect of what I've been told and that I have all the relevant information, I focus on the results of this and what kind of effect they will have.

3) I let myself feel whatever I feel about it. When the feelings come rushing in, I sort them out and make sure I know what exactly they are. Then I go back to the information and compare my feelings to it (to make sure I'm not overreacting).

4) To correctly verbalize everything I feel, I often have to write it down. For some reason if I'm writing how I feel, it is much easier for me to be clear and express myself. I will admit, I often send myself emails of whatever it is I want to say so that I won't forget when the time comes. Sometimes I'm not in a position to write, so I just compare what I'm feeling to another situation in which I felt the same. However I described that similar situation is usually the same type of vocabulary I will use. I use a lot of comparisons/metaphors when expressing myself and that helps a lot.
something will pop into my head. mostly pure, raw intuition i think, based on my constant observation.
i see stuff in other people and that makes me think i can judge them and what they feel and think, and mostly i'm right, but it needs to be evaluated.
first i put my thoughts in order,
then i censor them so that people won't take offense, also i manipulate them sometimes so that they will fit.
i try to word my thoughts so that people won't misunderstand or be unneccesarily offended. i fail at this most of the time. other times i'm looking for effect and/or a certain emotion in others so i might just modify my thinking so it will fit that.
then somewhere entwined here there's the point where i put a value to whatever is going on in my head and think the heck out of it. i feel like it's my "voice of reasoning" part, where i use logic to handle all this.

that wasn't very good but it's all i can do for now.
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i tend to look at whats around me, then i combine them with what i find to be imporant, then i do a jig, take a swig and remember all the world is a stage.