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Cartoon Scenes!


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Nov 12, 2008
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I don't think I will ever outgrow cartoons. My dad doesn't understand why I like them still and calls it childish. I simply say "now that I am older, I see the subtle humor kids miss, and I still find harmless mecanical stuff hilarious!"

Soooooo... Post your favorite cartoon scenes!
Here are two on youtube that I LOVE:


I loooooove fosters! And I love cheese! He is HILARIOUS!!! Goo is amazing as well! "tinkle tinkle in a car, you should really use a jar!" "...candy is broken." LMAO!!!!!! :D


This show is called making fiends, the new TV show is even better then webshow!!! When I first saw it I laughed so much it hurt. This is TOTALLY my sense of humor!!!
Foster's is so awesome! I LOVE Bloo. Bloo just cracks me up, his voice his mannerisms, everything! I don't think I'll ever outgrow Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. My bf can't understand why I squeal and grab a Cheese shirt every time I go into Hot Topic.

Emperor's New Groove. OMG, I had a giggle fit watching this scene:


It's Yzma's insane laughing (and screaming) that cracked me up.

Another funny scene from this movie:

lmfao "he should not have holes!"

I use to watch that web series. Awesome stuff. That's cool it's an actual show now.

Road Runner

One of the best cartoon shows of all time, Sonic SatAM.
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best cartoon EVER!!
Man, I love sooo favorite is probably anything with Daffy and Bugs tag teaming.

Seriously this is epic. I lol'd.