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Banned commercials on US TV.


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Nov 29, 2008
One of these commercials was the United States. Any guesses to which one?



I find this patently unfair and unbelievably frustrating.
Completely illogically retarded.
The bottom one was likely banned.

Neither of them have any cause to be banned. However, it would be rather stupid to have these commertials during the day time, and should likely be restricted to late night tv and only on certain channels.
This is why we can't waatch cartoon network anymore.
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Yeah I heard about this... it's ok for skinny chicks to walk around in their underwear but it's not ok for larger gals. :m075: The media will be the media I guess.
I have a theory about this, bigger women have inherently more sexual/sensual bodies. Skinnier women are more androgynous and therefore less threatening to sensitive sensibilities.
At a stretch, I'd guess the first one, because I can imagine some stupid censor interpreting the phrase "It's what's underneath that counts" to infer genitalia?
Yes, the first one was banned. Why? Because the commercial was considered "too sensual."

Because the woman actually has a real body shape, she's too sensual. What does that say about messed up minds, when you've got a bunch of parading semi-clad playboy wannabees versus one (normal-sized) woman wearing her undies under a trenchcoat?

Not a good lesson, America. Not at all.

Link to story:
The first one, because of the "Mom" references, which imply childhood advice, which is twisted with unsuitable for minors appearance. The second one is just a bunch of barbies walking around half-naked, no special message.

edit: ah, so I guessed right. Well, the first one is surely way more seductive. :) The positive part of the story: women should know that looking like barbie for sale is not exactly the most attractive approach.
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