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An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away

So long as they teach kids to be healthy about sex (i.e. using protection), there is no problem.

Then again, most kids do this already without someone telling them.
Yes to what?
I am to sleepy to read the article but it sounds o so very awesome.
It's a one paragraph article! Fuck you! :p

congratulations I just impreganted you.

congratulations I just impreganted you.

How boring. ^^ Boo!

As for the article, I get why schools have stepped in to educate. Parents aren't doing their freaking jobs. I would be upset if my child wasn't prepared to hear such things though. I was really naive and all that stuff would have scared the crap out of me at that young an age. I didn't even think about having sex until I was 19, which is when I lost my virginity, and I was educated and prepared for the possible repercussions if I wasn't safe. But I wasn't fully aware of my body at the time. Sex is fun and if you know your body it can be a really amazing experience every time. It doesn't have to be crappy boring THUMP THUMP THUMP. Masturbating helps you know what gets your body going.

Thirteen seems too young to me though. I mean, I could be wrong, but I'm under the impression boys seem to be more aware than girls earlier on. So they're probably going to play with themselves anyway, but I wasn't even aware that girls masturbated until I had already had sex. (yes extremely naive) And finding that out I realized so much about myself and I recommend it for those who are truly prepared to have a healthy enjoyable sex life. If you don't know your own body how can you expect someone else to?

And whether or not an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away, I don't know if it's true.. but it sure keeps me happy! :)
This is stupid.
Don't get me wrong: basic sex education is good. It's an important part of anatomy and biology class. Sex as a physiological process should not be taboo, and should be taught in context with genetics, evolution, human development and psychology, etc.

It gets sketchy when schools start using their class time to teach about condoms and such, because that information is really not academic in nature, and will only have importance for those who plan to have sex. There are some things that kids should just learn from their parents or peers, or figure out using common sense, rather than be taught during school hours.

But this is downright ridiculous. Studies have indicated that sex and masturbation have health benefits, but those are negligible until later in life. Does a 13-year-old really need help with his circulation and testosterone levels? Is that worth the risk of getting somebody pregnant? Teenagers are likely to eagerly take the advice of this pamphlet (having sex at least twice a week), but they won't be more likely to use birth control when they have sex. The result will be more pregnancies.
Honestly, I knew a hella a lot about sex by the time I was thirteen. I know people who have had sex BEFORE they were thirteen. Fact of the matter is, parents aren't really don't their jobs in that regard...not like they need to according to modern times.

Besides, I agree that an orgasm a day is healthy *thumbs up*

They should worry a bit more about masturbation addictions, tho
I'm just glad that they didn't teach this at my school. I'd imagine it would have an adverse effect on asexuals.
Every day? But... but... I'll never be able to keep that up! D:
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I'm just glad that they didn't teach this at my school. I'd imagine it would have an adverse effect on asexuals.
Fair point. Sex should be taught in its biological context, not as a social issue in which everyone "should" partake.
When you have healthy monogamous sex that creates a deep bond, it releases a chemical that is unique. It doesn't work with any orgasm. I forgot what it is called... I'll have to google it. This is not something new, but I doubt if it applies to children. I would be furious if my kid learned this stuff at school. That's my job. I can't help it if other parent don't do their part. There might be a way to opt-out, but once the kids already know about the program, their curiosity is already piqued.

I don't want to be told when I have to have this conversation with my children.

Teaching in the form of biology is okay, but I don't want anyone telling my kids that they should have an orgasm a day by anyone of authority. That's basically giving them an excuse. This is completely different from the birth control issue.

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