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  1. aeon

    [PAX] DozenValues – Ideology Matcher Test

    DozenValues – Ideology Matcher Test Feel free to share, and invite others’ discussion of your results (if you wish), but please do not criticize or pick apart anyone else’s values and/or ideology without their consent. Cheers, Ian
  2. D

    Five Values

    Tell me your five top values when you're performing at your natural best. Who is the 'value-you'?
  3. Reason

    Political Values Tests

    Spilling out from the rampage I went on in my blog, I want to create a thread just for online political tests. Go find some for me and post results if you wish :D Here's my latest test result and i'll try to copy + paste the tests I took in my blog over as well...
  4. A

    [INFJ] A Study of Your Personal Values and Your Workplace’s Expressed Value Set

    Hello Everyone, I am working on a psychology project examining peoples personality, personal values both in and out of the workplace and how these factors are predictive of various work-relevant outcomes. Naturally, I thought this community may be interested in participating and would be a...
  5. Rycka

    Infj Virtues to Live By?

    Do you have your own code of conduct?