1. Asa

    Forum Road Trip!

    Who are you with (forum members only)? Where are you going? What kind of car (or vehicle) are you in? What's on the stereo?
  2. Asa

    Late Night Sounds

    This thread is for music. Not just any music. Let's build a playlist for Erik, who is staying up late with his beautiful newborn and for anyone else who needs a pensive, smooth, and hopeful soundscape.
  3. aeon

    AI Created This

    This is a megathread for AI-generated artworks of any kind. The usual forum rules apply.
  4. Chackabuu


    Does anyone use CDs anymore? I keep some in my car to listen to every so often. I thought it'd be neat to see what CD you have in your car currently, if your car has a CD player XD Here's mine right now
  5. Slava Batkaev

    Chord for each cognitive function?

    Hello everyone! Is it possible that each cognitive function has its own note, chord? What do you think? If something like this exists, can you give notes, chords for each cognitive function?
  6. Deathjam

    Good songs specific to your country

    Looking to open minds to new music I'm from UK so our music is in the media a lot, same a guess for music from USA and maybe Australia . I don't really heard any music from other countrys, So go one then, what good from other countries?
  7. TheFool

    Share your favorite Psy/Acid/Dark/Hi-Tech/Rave tracks.

    Zup fellow travellers! Anyone else into psy-music and hifiporn? If yes, please share your favorite tracks! The more underground, the better! Let us explore and expand each and another’s playlists. <3 Here is a set played by A-Narc. I love his sets and the less commonly heard ug-techno he often...
  8. Reason

    INFJ Forum Soundtrack

    If the forum is made into a video game, it's gonna need a soundtrack for all the in-game areas featuring us, the game's characters. Post a track to correspond with these in game areas. I suggest trying to stick with instrumentals (no or few lyrics) but anything that captures the ambiance well...
  9. flower

    What song have you been listening to on repeat recently?

    I didn't find a thread like this, so started one. What song have you been listening to repeatedly lately?
  10. Sander

    [INFJ] Whats your favourite music genre?

    I love to listen to so many music genres its like i have a genre for every kind of mood
  11. rmoat

    [INFJ] Composed Music

    So for the past couple of years I've gone through some pretty rough friendships, and sadly have had to do the INFJ door slam, and have also had to walk away from other several one-sided relationships. Have been struggling a little bit the past few weeks now that I've realized finding a close...
  12. Lavendel

    Listen to this band with 4 INFJ bandmembers

    Please have a listen to our bands two singles.