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  • Buuuuuusy ;___;

    Working, working, working.

    Preparing to go back to school for Optometry though, so that's exciting. ^-^

    How bout you?
    I'm doing well, thank you! :)

    Gathering willpower - that is quite the task, lol!

    I'll get back to you when I can. It may be another 24hrs (or more) from now though realistically. :)
    Hi man, sorry I took a while to reply. Reading it again, it's actually alright. I've been trying to ground these ideas and they relate well to analytical psychology so I guess I've been trying to frame it more empirically lately so I see how that kind of expression may not serve me much anymore. I still don't think they are mere psychological processes but there is some evidence to suggest that many 'mythical' images come from the unconscious mind and that perhaps that is where all of this is stored. I think I should learn to astrally project before I make any more bold claims about life outside of physicality.
    Haha...are your eyes still bleeding? I read that again myself quite recently and some still made sense but I'm not as sure as I felt then.
    Hi :) I'm good thanks, getting through at least haha. You?
    It was the 'ah' that I think I read in a dismissive way on the other thread where I asked were you being sarcy but that's cool.
    lol - eh just my rants i guess. not that i offered any solutions to the problems. lol
    Not much; just feeling the need to rant on modern day women issues on my new blog.

    Yea i saw that you were re-reading some old stuff. Hopefully something useful there! Hope you are feeling better from it :)
    Procrastinating and ranting as of How are you? Hope you are feeling good today :)
    Mostly just a tour of Boston (some duckies though), the tour bus is also a boat.. so you get to see Boston on land and on the water ^_^

    *hugs* :3

    Most interesting...hrm, just meeting/hanging out with forum people was pretty surreal/interesting. They were really awesome [= it was a pleasure meeting/getting to know them a bit.
    Mhmm, lots of good food ------- Ahhh, I see > . <
    Went on a duck tour, traveled around/saw Boston, Brooklyn, Manhatten, etc. went to jazz club, got and gave hugs and presents :3
    Traveled with and met Brightwhiteheart -- and met and hung out with horatio, and bionic <3

    I ate lots of stuff --- clam chowder, sushi, some bakery goods, etc.
    When are you going ?!?!? [=
    I'm doing pretty well ^__^ just got back from a trip (got to meet and have adventures with forum peoples) ~~
    They were all wonderful and I had a lot of fun <3 Mhmm, back from holidays, but on and off a lot these days.

    Doing okay overall these days? seems like it's been a long whiles :3
    Sorry I took so long to respond! I read your post and then forgot about it haha. I have eaten wagashi before, many times :) they even sell it in convenience stores here. Is your profile picture of wagashi? :)
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