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  • Mages are like the salad appetizer of an adventuring party. You need something light before you bite into classes that have enough sense to actually wear armor instead of just running around in their pajamas.
    Did you write that piece on the beckoning road for me? Awe Thank you. You hit the nail on the head. But I can't figure out how to comment yet.
    I always seem to gravitate towards characters with a redemption arc. Jaime's got a whole lot of baggage to leave behind and he's trying to be a better person, get his honor back, but without overtly saying it. He's very real. Very complicated.

    He's a romantic idealist at heart, who has lost his way.

    I much prefer him in the books than in the show, though.

    How about you? Any favourite thrones/ASOIAF character?
    I know, right? What a dreamboat. ;)

    But seriously, even without my favourite Danish Butter Cookie playing him, Jaime Lannister is one of my absolute favourite fictional characters.
    I have been very well :)
    thank you for asking!
    How have you been doing?

    Between flooding and heat, I think I would rather take the heat...
    I grew up in a state that on average is 90 degrees Fahrenheit in
    the summers with 100% humidity.

    Flooding however annoys me. I hate when my feet are wet!
    Unless I am swimming or in the shower :p

    I have not! But I have been around the U.S. for a fair bit.
    I would love to visit Indonesia.

    Have you ever been away from your country?
    She is ideal and perfect to me. She would be perfect for me. Don't wake me up yet...
    Very eloquently put...there, blah and ahness. Hope it all cumulates into some hereness, nowness, oneness and goodness.
    Ive been wonderful. Hope your sleep brings your wonderful dreams and insight
    Great to see you here again! Hope everything has been going well for you
    it's been fine. mostly been busy with school now that the summer semester has begun.
    life, you know?
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