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Develop until I am the best version of me. Ever si

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    1. jupiterswoon
      It'd be really cool to make a drawing of the globe, filled to the brim with boiling water and tons of tiny lobster people.

      Yes, I definitely think of it as conditioning. There's some old story about some king who found out that all the world's water was going to be contaminated as the result of a curse and that it was going to make everyone go crazy. So he saved some purified water for himself, but then he had to live in a world where everyone was crazy except for him.
    2. jupiterswoon
      It seems like the question is then, "Is the world just one giant lobster pot?"
    3. jupiterswoon
      I've been thinking about that phrase all week
    4. jupiterswoon
      I've never heard of the lobster, but I like that phrase :-)
    5. jupiterswoon
      For me, I guess it also helped when I thought about how many people I know who didn't kill their children or murder their spouses or expose themselves to strangers, and kind of remind myself that although the news makes it seem like the overwhelming majority of people are totally awful, that really it's a very small percentage of people that commit these sorts of crimes. That being said, I think the more frightening element is the fact that any human being can be driven to such extreme degrees of unreason and inhumanity that they would commit such acts.
    6. jupiterswoon
      I understand, when I used to check the news more frequently it used to consume me, and I'd spend hours wondering why, and lamenting how fucked up the world can be :-(
    7. jupiterswoon
      Couldn't comment on your blog, but I am sorry you are feeling that way. Sometimes everything going on in the world can seem completely overwhelming. Do you ever take cleansing breaks from the media to kind of re-center/focus? I found that if I limit how often I read the news to like once or twice a week, I feel a bit less overwhelmed.
    8. FiftySeven
      What's it saying
      (i imagine contradictory things)
    9. FiftySeven
    10. FiftySeven
      do you meditate every day? Just curious as I saw the "how to" on your blog.

      I have been practicing each morning and some afternoons.for a while and listen to Teisho podcasts.
    11. FiftySeven
      I get bored.
    12. nosferatu
      Willpower of an ox, and an oxymoron to stay true to convictions, yet keep peace all at once. Yup I always feel torn in two directions. Usually a war between my gut feeling and what I think is right.

      Heya! How are you today? Sorry for a not too eloquent reply, typing on my cell phone.
    13. FiftySeven
    14. missjayjay
      Oh really? YES!! lol
    15. missjayjay
      uummm.....I don't understand
    16. missjayjay
    17. missjayjay
      hahaha lol :md::m052:
    18. Switchgirl
      Ohhh, yes it is Natalie Portman, and yes it's from the movie called Leon: The Professional. One of my favourites, hence it's use as my avatar lol
    19. Switchgirl
      Really? Can you further elaborate? Thanks :)
    20. Trifoilum
      Thank you! I'm glad that someone feels the same >_<

      No worries. I don't even know what to do with that either. But here's hoping you'll know what to do. Commenting is but a secondary matter.
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    Develop until I am the best version of me. Ever si
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    Water (tied c'mon)
    That's it. I will die while meditating, thank you.
    What would be your epitaph?:
    Went camping like it was a religion
    1/4/9 mixed nuts
    I am an INFJ artistic, hippy, tree hugging type who developed the heck out of Ti due to isolation due to social anxiety. I literally became agoraphobic and sometimes mute.
    I have been trying to figure out how to connect to the world outside my head, when I remembered how outwardly feeling I was when I did interact with people. Or I was quiet. And boy was my Ni strong. I knew when pets died before anyone told me. I knew when strange men were trying to trick me (saved my life.)And the Fe was also there. I cried easily. I got giddy and stupid silly when I let loose. But only around people I bonded with. I remember laughing until my side hurt quite often with one friend. And then another whom I would roam the desert with. No, really. She lived in 29Palms. Our hearts were left there for safe keeping. I think back on mine fondly. I miss the desert. The wind spoke to me.

    I love trees. I have always loved the flowiness of trees. How I love the language they speak with their soft flutter. The sparkles of light that shone through those swaying leafy limbs. I've also been to The Red Woods. (sigh) I also love the sound the cello makes. Prose. Good prose is scarcer than a friendly female in regard to availability.


    At least I know where I am going, even if I don't know where I am.
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