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  • Hi Jupiterswoon. I saw your blog post about being a child of divorce. You're not alone, and everything you're feeling is legit. I go through the same thing. This blog post might help you understand your stuff, it helped me more than anything ever has: http://www.annabash.com/blog/divorce
    Hey, glad to see the grizzlies did not get you. :)
    So any stories? What did you think?
    For myself nothing has changed, no adventures.
    i like it but don't love it. but just a couple of weeks to go until end of semester then i will feel a lot less insane.
    Primarily pursuing a job opportunity that will have me move to Oregon if I get it. Other than that, life as usual.

    How about you?
    dont worry it may take time but if you stick at it you will eventually wonder why you needed those things. then eventually you will look back and be so glad you made the change sooner rather than later. make a piggy bank just for the cash you would normally spend on tobacco and when you get enough spend in on something you wouldnt normally do, like a quiet weekend away somewhere beautiful, or bungee jumping... xoxox
    im doing a masters in library science. have been studying part time so far but will start full time mid year.

    congrats, quitting smoking is a great decision. it is so unhealthy and it makes people smell bad. i used to be a 2 pack a day smoker and it took a long time to quit but it was worth it. last time i had one, the pain sensations were so extreme, i cant believe i used to smoke so many. i think the key is, dont quit quitting - if you do have one or two, just see that as part of a process of continuing to cut down over time.
    doing OK. study and work. quitting work midyear to just study, cant wait!!!!!! how are you? xo
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