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  • Thanks for the reply, and you're English was very good. I understood you completely :)

    I'm just off to work now, but will be in touch this afternoon and PM you with more details about your repsonse. Have a super day!
    Great! I will PM you tonight. It would be fun to visit live sometime, annd indeed a treat. It would be almost as neat as a forum get togther :D take care and ttys!
    Thanks for the reply, and yes I suppose I'm not feeling "myself" these days due to a lot of stress. I think I'm just losing a sense of clear thinking because of it and am overly analysing myself because of it. Inner anxiety I guess, and my Ti is going in circles! Anyway, I will PM you more thoughts this week. Maybe my msn address too if you think it might help to see me on webcam if you are open to that. Thank you for your feedback on my visitor wall regarding my question. Have a great day :)
    Hi there! This is rather random but for some reason Ni had you pop into my head to ask a certain question. My question is would you be able to determine if I'm an infj or another type? Sorry for asking this of you when we don't really know eachother very well. I hope its ok with you.
    Heh,thats cute. Sharing.

    *Takes a few steps back*

    Uhm, who doesn't love Japanese culture!?

    I also like your avatar, it's rather suave:D

    Though it makes me thirsty>>
    Your username is amazing.

    I am jealous.

    Only a little though, and I'll get over it when I murder you.:3
    thanks for going on on this :)

    I think we say the same thing. Fi is from outside to inside, like you take what you feel from the outside, and deal with it inside, while Fe deals with it at the outside, or something like that? I'm mostly focused on feelings inwards and not on people outwards. And I can't share my true emotions with people, they never seem to be able to grasp the complexity and the depth of them. They always miss something and by doing that diminish the emotion. although I don't focus much on what other people really feel, if I do, I always do this from my point of view. I believe this to be Fi. Fe I think goes more outside, like taking over the feelings of others? I don't know exactly, I don't use this much, and my Fe score is not so high.

    But my last post in that topic describes best how I see the difference between Fe and Fi. I'm having the feeling that we're not able to grasp eachothers point, lol! I love trying though
    Hm, that's really interesting. Did they identify what particular traits characterize one style as "INFJ" or another as an "ENTP," for example? Hm!

    And for the record, you don't strike me as someone who isn't a native English speaker. :)
    She doesn't really have any INFJ-ness from what I have seen. Her public persona seems very ESFP. Since some people want to claim celebrities who are clearly not INFJs, I'm claiming her because she's hawt. :)

    The avatar, as an image, looks to me like an ideal INFJ... Star Wars shirt, holding a nerdy gadget, looking lost in thought, wearing a backpack in public, body language conveying an INFJ sense of urgency to go help others... and well, she's hawt. All of us INFJs are hawt. Everyone knows that. Hehe.
    Thanks. I'm starting the petition to claim Megan Fox as one of our own.
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