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  • Thank you! It has taken me a long time to understand what my Ni was and even longer to know what it was telling me. How do you like university? What are you studying? I am majoring in Anthropology and Geography. Also I am thinking about graduate school for Psychology. Cheers!
    I'd been away for a long time and I feel I've changed a lot, so the name change seemed like a good idea. :) I'm doing alright, thank you. How are you?
    I'm glad your life is good. :) Hope you have some chance to relax at the end of your semester. I'm doing ok, thanks for asking. It's been quite busy at my work, too, but today has been blissfully quiet, so that has been a blessing.
    :pray2:Sending you some happy thoughts and my best wishes for your day :)
    Aww. :hug:Hope you feel better soon. It's not nice when the weather is so cold it makes you ill. I'm looking forward to the Spring sunshine. Apart from that I'm doing just fine, thank you :)
    Why would your neighbour slam the door? It's clear that women are more equal than men, and that's nothing to be upset about. :D
    Nothing wrong with being a well intentioned lurker. You're still part of the community, and can join in whenever you feel like it. :)
    Hope everything is going well in your life. I guess a lot must have changed since you posted your intro, but I'm glad to see you still here. Wishing you all the best. :)
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